Culture & Heritage

There’s so much to see, hear and do from the worlds of today and yesterday!

Vars is a destination brimming with history and folk traditions. Here, every aspect of culture is savoured, shared and admired.

Homes of old
Walk around the hamlets, open your eyes wide; the past is revealing itself to you: Houses, oven, wash house, fountains or a Passion cross

Village celebrations
Come and meet the village locals and craftsmen, and spend a few hours experiencing the mountains in a different way

Religious heritage
Temple, church or ecumenical centre, discover all the buildings and objects that bear witness to the history of Vars

Exhibitions and conferences
Local artists would love to meet you and show you their work: paintings, sculptures, tailoring. Come and discover a wide range of styles and techniques.

Concerts and festivals
Throughout the summer season, there will be a rich and diverse program: piano, organ, singing, modern or classical music, the choice is yours.

Val D'Escreins
At the heart of the wild kingdom, set off to discover the ruins of a village from bygone days. This is a must-see to discover the rich past of the area!

Around the organ

Discover the recently installed 15-pipe pipe organ, in the Ecumenical Centre, with its unique sound which perfectly accompanies religious ceremonies, for solo concerts or to accompany other musicians.
Learn how to play a musical instrument during your stay here.

Library, cinema...
Concerts, village festival, etc.