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Vars: an unmissable area for trail-running

Trail-running routes in Val d'Escreins

Val d'Escreins offers you three trail-running routes that will enable you to discover the valley through the ruins of the village and the larch forests. Several difficulty levels are on offer to discover the wealth of natural and human heritage.

Green Val

- Beginner Level
- Distance: 3.937km
- Minimum altitude: 1,781m
- Maximum altitude: 1,889 m
- Difference in altitude: +/- 121m

Perfect for beginners, this course follows the ruins of the old village and crosses a forest of larches and pines. Exert yourself and discover a rare and beautiful site... What a joy!

Blue Val

- Intermediate Level
- Distance: 9.218 km
- Minimum altitude: 1,615 m
- Maximum altitude: 1,888 m
- Difference in altitude: +/- 319 m

An intermediate course which follows a wide circuit through the valley, where you can discover the scenery and wealth of the natural environment.

Red Val

- Beginner Level
- Distance: 9.125 km
- Minimum altitude: 1,780 m
- Maximum altitude: 2,552m
- Difference in altitude: +/- 788 m

Up in the clouds, the route along the ridges of Vars shows off some of the most incredible scenery in the area. This route is one of the most beautiful things the mountains have to offer.

The tour of the villages

Stages of the route: Leave from Vars Sainte Marie, Chairlift
1- Travel along the river bank towards Vars Saint Marcellin
2- From the Rivet bridge, climb towards the village of Vars Saint Marcellin
3- Cross the village
4- Climb to Sainte-Catherine
5- Cross the village of Vars Sainte Catherine
6- When leaving the village of Sainte Catherine on the right, go down to the village of Sainte Marie
7- Arrival: Vars Sainte-Marie, chairlift

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The Col de Vars

Stages of the route: Leave Vars les Claux, Chabrières cable car
1- Ascend the Col de Vars via l'Ecuelle
2- Col de Vars
3- Descend towards the Napoléon shelter
4- Cross the road via the Piste de la Faisandière Info: possible to leave the route at kilometre 8, return to the resort
5- Ascend towards Peynier
6- Descend towards Les Claux via the Bois Noir
7- Arrive: Vars les Claux, Chabrières cable car.

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Vertical kilometre route

Stages of the route: Leave Vars Sainte Marie, Sainte Marie chairlift
1- Cross the piste de l'Olympique
2- Ascend towards the Grand Forest then the place known as "Le Chalet"
3- Cross the wood towards the Reyssas crests
4- Continue up the mountain slope, then once on the plateau, take a left towards Razis
5- Arrive: Razis Summit

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ITW Rémi Loubet

Triple winner of the Vars Mountain Trail and ambassador for Vars trail-running

27-28 July
Vars Mountain Trail
5 routes in one weekend. The Vars Mountain Trail offers participants and spectators some superb scenery of all the Vars landscapes.
- The Tour of the Ridges: 42km / Gain 2941 m
- Boucle de Peyniers: 24 km / Gain 1383 m
- Col de Vars: 13 km / D+ 490 m
- Tour of the villages: 4 km / D+ 182 m
- KV-KL: 1.4 km / D+ 435 m
- Tour of the villages: 4 km
- Trail suitable for children with an introduction to biathlon
New for 2019: KV-KL: An original steep climb on the legendary speed skiing slopes. Runners can choose between 24 or 42 km; 42 km as a relay because it’s always better with a friend! Or the Défi Varsinc which is 13 km on the Saturday and 24 km on the Sunday.
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Easy trail-running:

Free shuttles operate throughout the summer between the villages, the Col de Vars and the Val d'Escreins nature reserve
Timetable available shortly

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