Experience the great outdoors...

Take to the heights, enjoy the beauty of the mountain peaks and feel the revitalising forces of nature

Rejuvenation, fresh air and freedom

In Vars, the great outdoors means majestic summits, larch forests, blueberry bushes, wild raspberries, invigorating torrents,
high hamlets, alpine wildlife and mountain lakes...
perfect for re-energising body and mind.

“Never forget that the earth loves the contact of your bare feet and the wind yearns to play with your hair”

Khalil Gibnan

Enjoy the gentle heat of the summer sun, recharge your batteries and take time out to really appreciate all that’s on offer...

A 100% natural treasure you simply have to experience: Val d'Escreins

In this unique place, get a closer look at those wide open spaces and the spectacle of nature.

In this authentic haven of peace, you get a true sense of the vastness of this otherworldly place, as well as a chance to explore a life-sized amusement park.

Explore the Little Canada of Vars!

Outstanding fauna and flora in a nature-lover’s heaven full of theme trails, hiking paths, trail-running itineraries and barbecue areas, along with the ruins of an ancient village bearing witness to a rich past. Not forgetting the orienteering trails, luxuriant forests and breathtaking scenery. Look no further, your multi-dimensional encounter with the mountains begins here!

Escape to a land of character: The lake of 9 colours

Surround yourself with nature, explore into the wilderness and discover a mineral, almost lunar landscape where you can admire the nearby mountains or contemplate their reflection in the crystal clear waters.

This is sure to move you

Head for the heights of the peaks of Vars to watch the sun disappear beyond the horizon

As dusk closes in, the 360° panoramic view offers a timeless moment when nature seems put on hold.
Feeling this small as you contemplate such beautiful immensity is a mind-healing and humbling experience.

THE icing on the cake!

Shared moments of authenticity: A warm, heartfelt welcome from the local people

Explore the footpaths and alleyways, stop off to meet craftspeople with a passion,
immerse yourself in local traditions and discover hidden treasures.
Enjoy village fêtes, farm visits and village tours, along with a rich diversity of ancient heritage waiting to be discovered as you meet the people who make your favourite destination so wonderfully rich.

Unique moments made for sharing

Adventures galore

Share new experiences, enjoy a whole treasure trove of activities, or take time out to gently soak up the tranquillity. The hardest part is choosing!

Treat yourself, enjoy yourself, and live life to the full!