Rubbish: a practical guide

It’s open season on rubbish!

For some years now, the Vars ski resort has been committed to managing as well as possible the rubbish that proliferates during tourist seasons

Sorting waste

Vars has set up a system of waste-sorting on a voluntary basis.
The resort has increased the number of collection points where various containers (Molok) for the different categories of household waste have been placed:
- packaging,
- paper,
- glass

This clean solution enables an effective and eco-friendly waste collection.

Other rubbish:
- Brown corrugated cardboard must be left in the containers provided for that purpose or at the waste reception centre.
Organic waste can be composted at home, if you have a garden.

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A zero-waste region:

The Val D’Escreins communal reserve is a protected natural space that should be looked after.
Like any mountain environment, it’s also a fragile environment that we must respect.
The Vars ski resort has decided to reorganise rubbish collection by making you responsible.
As part of the zero-waste region initiative, you will be made aware of the impact of rubbish on the mountain.
Bins have been installed at the entry to the access road.
This voluntary disposal point allows you to sort packaging, glass and non-recyclable waste.
We request that youtake your rubbish bags out of the nature reserve and dump them in these bins.

Better waste management

The landscape and the environment are essential to Vars. The environment is the very reason itself for our economic development. This is why, all the workers (chairlifts, restaurants…), also do their bit by collecting engine oil, rags, batteries, cooking oil, wooden and plastic crates...

Furniture and bulky items are collected on a regular basis (once or twice a year) throughout the municipality. For the furniture collection, please sign up with the Vars City Hall . If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to ask!

On the slopes, in the villages, along the rivers... In short, pretty much everywhere!! Vars swings into action and organises a big spring clean. Regulars, professionals, locals and holidaymakers - the gloves are on!

Thanks to your actions, there is less rubbish each year.

There will be no half-measures for a cause as important as the environment.

Objective Zero Plastic Waste

Zero Plastic Waste, do the right thing!
Locals, companies, tourists, organisations, everyone can do their bit. Zero Plastic Waste, one of the 100 actions on the Plan Climat de la Région Sud. Bottles, cups, plastic bags, do the right thing!

• Remove all plastic waste from the ground and in the nature
• Actively fight against sea pollution
• Recycle all plastic waste produced annually in the region
• Encourage the development of recycling and eco-design centres

The South Region would like to achieve the objective of Zero Plastic Waste for all policies and in all fields:
• Encourage the transformation of waste into new resources
• Persuade people to change their behaviour and encourage recycling
• Fight against environmental damage due to plastic and support innovative solutions.