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Leisure center - ALSH

05560 Vars Sainte Marie
+33(0)492465382 - +33(0)607227173
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The Vars area has a leisure centre that welcomes children aged 3 to 12 all year during all school holidays, as well as Wednesday afternoons and all day Saturdays during term time.


Share, learn, live together: your child will participate in communal life through a wide range of activities: cultural, artistic, sports, manual, citizenship, environment and mountain discovery.


Choose whole or half-days: the centre adapts to your needs and children's rhythm. Possibility for meals which are prepared on-site.

 For prices, please contact the Vars town hall: +33 (0)

The swimming pool

05560 Vars les Claux
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In an exceptional environment, at the base of the peaks of Eyssina, 1850m high, the heated exploration pool will give you a pleasant moment to relax.

Open every day from 9am to 7pm, 7 days a week, weekly events
Entry up to 12:30pm: €3.50
Entry starting at 4pm: €4.10

Adult per day: €5
Child per day: €4
Adult 6-entry card: €25.60 (transferable card with unlimited access)
Child 6-entry card: €21.70 (transferable card with unlimited access)

Adult season pass: €64.60
Child season pass: €42.70 euros
schoolyear pass, ages 6 to 18: €20.70 euros
under age 5 and over 75: Free, children from age 5 to 11, groups of 8 or more: Contact us

La randonnée en raquettes - Montagne Liberté
05560 Vars les Claux
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En vous accompagnant  sur nos itinéraires alpins, nous vous ferons découvrir leurs secrets, une fleur, une empreinte, une pierre chargé d'histoire, un conte, un chamois, une marmotte....


Découvrez la diversité de nos randonnées thématisées:au fil de l'eau en passant par des rendaos apéros à des sommets à 3000 m, chacun y trouveras son rythme à son envie.

05560 Vars les Claux
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Questa attività può essere praticata nel cuore di Vars a partire dai 3 anni.

Adatta a tutti, dal principiante al concorrente di gare, con l’assistenza di un’equipe di animatori e di Stéphane BOLO (Olimpiadi di Pechino)


Sessione di 30 minuti o 1 ora


Stage da 1 a 5 giorni con Stéphane

Parcours d' orientation

Chaussez vos baskets, mobilisez votre sens de l'orientation et venez découvrir  les parcours d'orientation, débutants ou initiés, parcourez  la réserve de nature du Val D'Escreins (ou en courant pour les plus courageux!) à la recherche des balises suivant l'itinaraire de votre choix.

Tête en l'air
05560 Vars les Claux
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Volo in parapendio a due posti con l’accompagnamento di un istruttore per scoprire la montagna in modo diverso.


Scoperta: da 20 a 30 minuti di volo

Evasione: Circa 1 ora di volo in ascendenza


Stage di iniziazione e perfezionamento di 5 giorni

Indiana Forest
05560 Vars les Claux
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In Indiana Forest there are 15 acrobatic courses in the trees in the heart of the Escondus forest. Challenge yourself and try the unbeatable course!

Exclusive: 5 Elf trails for children aged 2 to 5 years, no harness required.

La chèvrerie de la Font Sancte
05560 Vars Saint Marcellin
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Venez visiter la chèvrerie où nos 80 chèvres vous attendent, participer à la traite, découvrir nos fromages fabriqués sur place!
Vente de nos produits à la ferme ainsi qu'au marché de Vars les Claux.
Renseignements par téléphone ou mail.

Mountain bike school - Montagne Liberté
05560 Vars les Claux
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Cycling in the mountains! Summit Culture is a mountain bike school.

Our MTB instructors propose excursions for everyone, from beginners to seasoned mountain bikers.

You’ll find us in Vars, a destination where mountain-biking has a whole new meaning! Lessons or guided outings on mountain-bike tracks in Vars, the Queyras area, and Hautes-Alpes more widely.


Our MTB instructors propose tuition courses for children, discovery trails and enduro descents. Pure pleasure!

Nomad Rafting
05560 Vars les Claux
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We will come and collect you from your accommodation in Vars.
Discover whitewater sports for all levels, on one of our fifteen or so different descents.

From 5 years of age, with family or friends, come and see the river as you have never seen it before and share a unique experience.
Snacks and good fun guaranteed on every descent.


Rafting: shared whitewater fun

Air Boat: Inflatable kayaking

Duo kayaking: rigid kayak shared with an instructor

Beginner and improver kayaking sessions