Five good reasons to come to Vars

Our recommendation:

A few days of pure bliss in these superb, green surroundings, crazy activities, sporting adventures and celebrations for friends and family to enjoy together.

Welcome to Vars

1- A change of scenery is just what the doctor ordered


2 - A full events calendar

- You won’t have time to get bored!
- Come and experience the great events at our side
- Discover a wide variety of events all summer long

Throughout the season, our teams will bend over backwards to offer you the best entertainment, on a regular basis, and free of charge to share with your loved ones

A rich and varied program to enjoy to your heart’s content

3- The wealth and diversity of the landscapes

Enjoy the quiet, open spaces, appreciate the nature, take in the exceptional view from the Vars ridges, close your eyes and listen to the singing of the birds.

4- The fresh air at the summits , come and breathe in the pure mountain air:

Enjoy the fresh mountain air and make the most of your relaxing holiday in Vars. Come and recharge your batteries in this relaxing and reinvigorating environment which will inevitably work wonders on you. You will quite simply feel good.

You feel good in the mountains so why not spend your holidays here?

Be careful of the sun #LaHaut: The higher you go, the closer you are to the sun. Make the most of it, during the beautiful summer season, the sun shines down on the mountain peaks, from early in the morning to late evening, making your walks and activities all the more pleasant, what more could you need to give your body a boost?
Take a moment, lie down on a sun lounger or quite simply on a blanket surrounded by flowers, and enjoy the warm sun. In just a few days, you will feel invigorated!

5 - Get some exercise and take care of your body:

This summer there is something for everyone, whether you are with your family, friends, more of a sporty person or if you like to take your time!

Forget the stress of everyday life, work problems or housework, your holiday in Vars is a perfect combination of relaxation and sport, enjoy, try and savour this large choice of activities.

Enjoy the wide open spaces, infinite play areas where people of all ages can try out a a whole host of activities without getting in each other’s way:

- on foot, mountain biking, electric bike, or with huskys set off to discover the surrounding landscapes which you will find comforting and relaxing: Hiking up to the Lac des Neuf Couleurs, Vars-Embrun by bicycle, or a walk around a castle, everyone will find something they enjoy.

- Dare to try out the more extreme sports, make your holiday truly unforgettable with a paragliding experience, flying over dreamy landscapes, climb up into the trees on the treetop adventure course, or glide down the Durance river in a raft, kayak or canoe. Thrills guaranteed!

- If you would prefer a more relaxing holiday, make an appointment and just lie back and relax: Spa, jacuzzi, sauna, body scrub, hot stone massages, oil massages, body or facial treatments and much more. What more could you need for the perfect pampering, and after that, go for a leisurely swim in 29° water, at the foot of the Eyssina ridges.

- Come and have some family fun: people of all ages will love the mini golf, archery, toboggan ride, zorbing or tennis.

So many activities, how are you going to choose!

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