Five good reasons to come to Vars

Our recommendation

A few days of pure bliss in these superb, green surroundings, crazy activities,
sporting adventures and celebrations for friends and family to enjoy together.

Welcome to Vars

A change of scenery is just what the doctor ordered

Swap your flip-flops for some hiking boots, the seafood platter for the local crousetons pasta, the noise of the city for the soothing tranquillity of Val d'Escreins, and the sea view for a sunset over the Eyssina.

Vary the pleasures and try out the Vars experience for your summer holiday this year

- You won’t have time to get bored!
- Come and experience the great events at our side
- Discover a wide variety of events all summer long

Throughout the season, our teams will bend over backwards to offer you the best entertainment, on a regular basis, and free of charge to share with your loved ones

A rich and varied programme
to enjoy to your heart’s content

Richness and diversity

Enjoy the quiet, open spaces, appreciate the nature, take in the exceptional view from the Vars ridges, close your eyes and listen to the singing of the birds.

Come and see for yourself the superb landscapes with surprising colours and radiance that Vars has to offer in the summer. The green mountain pastures in the Laugier Valley and the different shades of turquoise and deep blue at the Lac des Neuf Couleurs, with the astonishing reflection of the surrounding mountains. The vast grasslands with violet, pink and yellow flowers.

Imagine all of this with Eyssina in the background

You will feel a strong desire to discover all the natural beauty of the area: lakes, rivers, summits, valleys, forests, to name but a few.
In Vars, the nature is surprisingly diverse
. Come and discover all it has to offer and take in the beauty of the wildlife.
As for the culture, Vars is abound with constructions, churches, sundials or even ancient wash houses and cooking devices, you will not be disappointed.

Be careful, you will surely fall in love with the place!

The summits invite you to take a deep breath of pure mountain air

Enjoy the fresh mountain air and make the most of your relaxing holiday in Vars.
Come and recharge your batteries in this relaxing and reinvigorating environment which will inevitably work wonders on you. You will quite simply feel good.

You feel good in the mountains so why not spend your holidays here?

Be careful of the sun #LaHaut: The higher you go, the closer you are to the sun. Make the most of the beautiful summer season, when the sun shines down from early in the morning to late in the day, making your walks and activities all the more pleasant, just the boost your body needs.
Take a moment, lie down on a sun lounger or quite simply on a blanket surrounded by flowers, and enjoy the warm sun.
In just a few days, you will feel invigorated!

Get some exercise and take time out for yourself

Forget the stress and problems of work and everyday life! Your holiday in Vars is a chance to unwind with a perfect combination of relaxation and sport, so try something new from the wide choice of pursuits.

Savour the moment in this limitless playground of the great outdoors,
where children and adults can discover all kinds of activities at their own pace...

So many activities, how are you going to choose!