Le Queyras

The art of authentic living

Once closed off, protected by the mountains yet never isolated, Le Queyras tells quite an unusual story.
You’ll love visiting the arcaded houses of Arvieux, the Château-Queyras fort and the highest village in Europe. Le Queyras is a delightful blend of nature, art and tradition.

Fort Queyras

The gem of the valley

Fort Queyras stands on a glacial barrier above the Guil gorges, its characteristic silhouette dominating the landscape of Le Queyras.
This medieval fortress reworked by Vauban was originally built to close off the valley and protect its inhabitants from attack.

Now you can launch your own attack on this 2,000 m² site with towers, drawbridges and rampart walks, and gaze through arrow slits at the magnificent views over the valley and neighbouring Italy.

A waymarked tour takes you exploring this site whose military past spanned several different periods. Children with love this tour, which takes them travelling through time as they discover how the fortifications were built and imagine what life was like for the soldiers.

30 km, 30 min.


Saint Véran

The top of Europe

Perched 2,042 metres above sea level, St Véran, “the village where the cockerel pecks at the stars” as it likes to be known, is Europe’s highest inhabited village.

Arvieux and the Col d'Izoard

An unspoilt region

Below the famous Col d’Izoard stretches the Arvieux valley with its 13 picturesque mountain villages. This valley is also known as the Val d’Azur because the sky is always lovely and blue.

You’ll love Arvieux for the architecture of its vast south-facing farm buildings with rows of arcades built on 2 or 3 storeys.

Don’t leave the Arvieux valley without stopping to visit the village of Brunissard, one of the heritage highlights of Le Queyras.
You’ll be enchanted by the school, the bread furnace, the temple and the church, not forgetting the campanile which is also known as the Tour du Procureur.

Last but not least, tackle a legendary mountain pass that features in the Tour de France cycle race.
You can drive up, or cycle if you enjoy a physical challenge. The choice is yours...

The stunning Izoard scenery awaits you

The known feature of this mountain pass is the breathtaking site of Case Déserte, a whole new planet that will have you wide-eyed as soon as you turn the first corner! Before your eyes unfolds an extraordinary mineral decor of scree and arid peaks stretching to the sky.
In this depleted moon-like landscape, the pine forests and grasslands have given way to bare rock. Here, the light-grey rock strikes a contrast with the deep blue sky.

Adults and children alike will enjoy discovering traditional activities by visiting Les Jouets du Queyras toy shop, La Ferme des Espars educational farm, or the goat farm.