Ubaye Valley

Wonder of the Alps

Welcome to the Ubaye valley, an immense playground of green and blue.

Walk, run, pedal, climb, swim... take to the sky or just relax.
A jump, a spin, or just a few delightful steps... and you’ll fall under the charm of this valley.
Relax your body and mind, feed your curiosity and yield to your desires as you explore these paths


Fouillouse & Maljasset

You’ll love the southern feel and mountain decor of Barcelonnette. Enjoy the pleasure of exploring the shops and boutiques of its busy streets.
Don’t forget to visit the square, Place Manuel, with its beautiful fountain, colourful facades and the pleasant terraces of the cafés and restaurants. You’ll probably find them hard to resist!

You’ll be amazed by the Mexican villas, each standing in enormous grounds on Avenue de la Libération. These villas were built between 1880 and 1930 by local inhabitants returning from Mexico where they had made their fortune in Mexican textiles. These opulent-looking dwellings demonstrated the social success of their owners.

The pristine panorama invites you to take a breath of fresh air and discover the easy living that reigns in the Ubaye valley

38 km, 50 min.

Explore the depths of this sumptuous valley and discover a magnificent mountain landscape, the imposing cliffs eroded into the rock face, the waterfalls and névés, and the inviting meadows along the gushing Ubaye river.

Lovers of the great outdoors will appreciate the pureness of the air and the wild beauty of this place where beautiful stone buildings with thackstone roofs blend harmoniously into the mineral high-mountain decor.

Take a little detour to Fouillouse via the impressive Pont du Chatelet, a bridge of audacious design whose single arch straddles the gorge 108 metres above the River Ubaye.

Lastly, keep your senses honed all summer long as you admire the luxuriant flora and observe a wide variety of wildlife species that you’ll have no trouble spotting.

28 km, 40 min.

The fortifications of the Ubaye valley

A colossal heritage feature revealing the history of the French military and the borders they defended.

The unusual location and strategic importance of the forts of Tournoux, Roche la Croix, Saint Ours and Cuguret are bound to pique your curiosity.
You cannot help but contemplate them on your way past. This impressive fortified ensemble invites you to enjoy the shade of the larch trees and travel back in time to explore the site’s rich history. Don’t hesitate!
The site is scattered with information stands and a viewpoint indicator to help you learn about this remarkable heritage feature.

25 km, 50 min.