Culture & Heritage

There’s so much to see, hear and do from the worlds of today and yesterday!

Vars is a destination brimming with history and folk traditions. Here, every aspect of culture is savoured, shared and admired.

The meeting of Alpine and Mediterranean cultures gives Vars an individual character, an art of living with a touch of the South.
Its quality of life and attractive image have as much to do with the contrast-filled beauty of its landscapes as they do with the richness of its heritage.

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Homes of old
Walk around the hamlets, open your eyes wide; the past is revealing itself to you: Houses, oven, wash house, fountains or a Passion cross
Religious heritage
Temple, church or ecumenical centre, discover all the buildings and objects that bear witness to the history of Vars.
Around the organ

Discover a pipe organ with 15 stops and a unique sound that accompanies ceremonies and concerts.

Library, cinema...

Vars has thus learned to show off its cultural and historical heritage and to preserve its identity. Its villages and hamlets are the visible proof of this. Its values and oral culture make it a place that is much loved by all.