Vars, the ski area: Presentation

Vars 1650-2750 m
The experience of wide open spaces

A valley suspended at an altitude of more than 1,850 m, the Vars Forêt Blanche resort and its three villages benefit from an exceptional location. Altitude, forest, snow, sun, a village, history and a geographical position at the crossroads of Europe, the great Mediterranean and Provençal south: every day brings an unprecedented pleasure, take in the view, meet those which make the ski area what it is through discovery activities that open up behind the scenes on our slopes... there are several aspects to be discovered in this area, with its slopes, light and snow coverage a delight for all winter sports enthusiasts.

Culminating at an altitude of 2750m, the Vars Forêt Blanche area opens up its fun, airy, snow-covered and sun-drenched areas to all winter sports enthusiasts.

The area benefits from a high quality natural position: the Eyssina mountain, Vars' true iconic setting, acts as a natural shelter that keeps snow soft and cold all season. The profile of the area is such that the slope difficulty increases with the altitude, which is a bonus for accessibility for skiers. Skiing in the forest is magnificent and the landscapes allow you to have a dominant position over the surrounding peaks.

The ski area culminating at 2750m of altitude gives it an exceptional snow cover. In Vars, getting higher allows you to discover a site little impacted by people, giving way to large natural spaces. A life-size experience for lovers of the mountains and the great outdoors.

360° panoramas open up onto the surrounding massifs: in the distance, there's the Serre-Ponçon lake and from the highest point of the resort, there's a view from Mont Ventoux to Mont-Blanc, via the Ecrins and the Italian peaks.

At each ridge, at each break on the edge of the track, at each glance at the surrounding landscapes, the breath-taking view will amaze you. Open your eyes wide and enjoy the magic.

Skiing and the sun compete

Skiers can follow the sun all day long to really enjoy the panoramic points that surround the area!

What a privilege to have a multi-orientated area, you just make your way around with the sun all day.

Make sure you are well protected, you don't want to go from a pretty tanned complexion to tomato red! But, with Vars Forêt Blanche you are sure to be full of colour and slide for the rest of the year…

The little extras that make it great

The Vars resort has equipped the ski lifts with free wifi access so you can share your holiday experiences live! Skiing is connected. For those looking for 'instagram' shots, there are plenty to choose from in Vars.

The ski area offers 185 km of splendid and accessible slopes. Enjoy a unique play area in a beautiful environment

In complete freedom

The freedom to ski at your own pace, where you want to, when you want to in the heart of the Forêt Blanche area.
From the slopes hidden in the larch trees to the alpine panoramas, the diversity of the ski area will take you on a journey through rich and sublime atmospheres.

Take advantage of a beautiful play area that is popular with those who love sports as well as those who enjoy more contemplative skiing.

Jump onboard!

The map presented to you is provided by the SEM SEDEV Vars Société des RM de Vars.

Plan du domaine skiable

The ski area opens on 12 December until 18 April
for everyone's utmost enjoyment.