Activities for the ideal holiday

Enjoy time together

The year flies by so quickly and everyday life races past. Take a breather and spend time with the ones you love.
Make the most of this much-needed interlude.


Wake up in gentle sunlight far from work and school. Have a bountiful breakfast together, catch some sun on a terrace, catch up and enjoy just being together. Watch your children laugh, relax and play. Revel in your family’s happiness in natural surroundings abound with adventures.
There are so many activities for rare and precious experiences to make your holiday unforgettable.

Simple pleasures

On the ground, in the air, in the snow, in the’re going to just love it. There’s something for everyone.
The best memories are the simple ones. Enjoy your holidays.


Enjoy a thrilling day on the legendary Chabrières piste - the world’s fastest piste - and become part of the legend.

The bright blue sky, the Vars ridges bathed in the sun, a touch of are one of the lucky ones: about to follow the paths of some of the fastest skier in the world.

Stop at the cabins at the foot of the piste and ask Philippe Billy for his precious tips. He’s a former record-holder on the piste. Or his son Simon, world 3rd faster with a record of 252.809 km/h on this very piste. You are about to measure yourself against the giants of this extraordinary discipline..

The speed skiing stadium is open to the public.

Once you have the basic notions, hit the piste. The piste is all yours...just like a KL champion. The perfectly prepared piste has two small devices which will announce the information you’re dying to hear - your speed!

Even if you have the impression that your legs won’t carry you any further, even if your stomach is twisting, move forward, breath and fly... In just a few seconds your anxiety will be transformed into euphoria!

Your skis brushing over the snow, the sound of the wind in your ears, you aerodynamic position will send you straight to the only line you are allowed to cross on the piste and which also judges your performance.

Don’t fear the flash - speeding is OK.

Just like all the greatest speed skiers, you will leave with a certificate of your crazy descent and your result.

Try it! Thrills guaranteed.

Pamper yourself

This trip will awaken your five senses. Take a well-deserved break.
Unique havens of peace. Temples for treatments.

These places dedicated to relaxation and wellness are specially designed for relaxation. Wind down and recharge your batteries. Pamper your body with a wide range of treatments or relax in a jacuzzi, sauna or hammam.

Relish in this tranquil oasis and breathe in the serenity.

Warm and private perfumed cocoons with fragrant essences inspire absolute wellness and awakens your senses. Leave your worries in the changing room. Warm winter moments in the heart of the Vars mountains, a delicious and special moment which will restore your vitality and leave you glowing.

The benefits of the mountains extend to a relaxing moment of wellness.

Enjoy treatments and massages from expert hands for an exceptional experience. The aim is to stimulate the senses and achieve complete serenity in the body and mind. Try these beauty rituals with techniques for optimal relaxation.

Sharing with animals

A new way to discover nature in the preserved mountains

A little adventure...

Try dog-sledding - you’ll love it!

Travel through snowy expanses like great explorers and live a magical experience.
Embark on a sled pulled by dogs and discover your trapper spirit!

Get away from it all and conquer the immense white plains surrounded by forests. The only noise is the soft crunch of the huskies’ paws on the snow, galloping through the immaculate white natural landscape, far away from your routine. Learn nomadic habits at the heart of the Forêt de Peyrol. Carried comfortably, settled in under soft, warm covers or driving the sled yourself like a northern pioneer. The scenery resembles the far north of Canada where barks and laughs blend together. Roam through the powder snow in the enchanting and silent nature, following in the footsteps of Croc Blanc, Jack London and Paul Emile Victor.

An unforgettable discovery and a friendly experience.

Just a touch of folly...

The horses are the show!

Walking and galloping...unforgettable sensations!

If you’re looking for thrills and adventure, glide through picture postcard scenery at the horse’s pace. Swap your skis, snow tube or sled for a saddle. Hang on! The horses advance walking, trotting and galloping for an unforgettable experience. You don’t need to be a great skier or experienced horse rider to discover new sensations in the snow. Climb an open valley and enjoy the magic of winter on a wide trail toward the Col de Vars. Combine the pleasure of the snow with horse activities.

Get away from it all. Wind down and enjoy.

The horses carry to you to unexpected sensations in the snow.

The gentle life

Head for the farm!

In the heart of the Vars Saint Marcellin hamlet, learn all there is to know about breeding goats and making cheese.

Meet the goats and enjoy a unique experience in the goat farm. Discover the enchanting and magical simplicity of breeding and life on the mountain.

Learn and taste - a great blend.

Meet sweet, playful and curious animals and revive your taste buds with delicious traditional and innovative cheese. A paradise for young and old who want to learn all the secrets about breeding and making cheese. Meet the herd, bottle-feed the young and help with milking. Share new and memorable experiences.

Moonlight skiing

An unforgettable experience under the stars

Break your routine! Launch down the pistes bathed in moonlight for a magical experience in a winter wonderland.
Discover the glittering villages and ski by the light of the moon and torches.

Cover up in your warmest ski jacket, hop on your skis and taste the marvellous sensation of travelling through the night at 2,200 altitude under the projectors and slide gently into the twilight.

Experience the magic of skiing at night

When the night blue meets the white snow, you will feed tiny and insignificant in the vast pure whiteness under the shadows of the towering summits under thousands of stars!

Take a break to enjoy the party in mountain-top restaurants where music and entertainment liven up the night.

Savour the surreal lighting emanating from the celestial vault.

Try sledging

Enjoy the thrills

In the great outdoors in a larch forest, protected by the majestic Crêtes de l’Eyssina, La Luge du Caribou offers adventure.

Alone or in pairs, climb in a toboggan and get ready for the adrenalin shot between hairpin bends and breathtaking speeds for more than one kilometre.

You will absolutely love this unexpected trail of jumps, waves, chicanes and aerial twists. This roller-coaster ride will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your holiday.

Both thrill-seekers and fans of beautiful scenery enjoy the sensation of speed (that you control) and have a great laugh together.

Revel in a few minutes of dizzying descent

Ready to go?

A programme full of fun, thrills and adrenalin.

Take the lift and enjoy the calm at the top.
Leave the skiers and agitation of the day behind.
The blue sky slowly changes from blue to orange; The Crêtes de l’Eyssina are stunning bathed in such gently light.

Ready, set...go!

Your knees under your chin and your hand on the breaks. Get ready for a 2 2-km descent in a beautiful landscape.
Skid around, more or less under control, gasp from harmless fear, feel yourself fall and burst with laughter...its unforgettable.