Ideas of activities to discover during your stay

Time for reunions

The year is going by fast and you feel caught up in a daily life at 100 per hour - is it time for you to take a breather and spend time with those you love?
Take full advantage of this much needed bubble of oxygen.

Time for new discoveries

Away from the hectic schedules of the office or school, you can wake up in the soft sunlight, find yourself around a hearty meal, linger on a terrace, catch up on lost time and be satisfied to be together, watch the children laugh, rest, play and be happy to see your loved ones in the heart of a nature that inspires 1000 adventures.
Enjoy the many activities, rare and precious moments that will make your holiday an unforgettable memory.

Time for simple pleasures

Whether on land, in the air, in the snow or in the warmth, you'll enjoy it. There is something for everyone, whatever your taste.
Enjoy your holiday, because the simple things leave the best memories.

Let yourself be tempted by this beautiful adventure

Enjoy a day full of emotion on the mythical Chabrières slope, the fastest slope in the world, and become part of the legend!

The scene is set with an azure blue sky, a sun flooding the Vars crests, a degree of daring... and you will be among those privileged to ride the slopes taken by the fastest skiers in the world.

After a visit to the huts at the foot of the slope for precious advice from Philippe Billy, a former slope record holder, or his son Simon, 3rd in the world with a record at 252.809 km/h on this very same slope, you may feel the desire to measure your own performance against the giants of this extraordinary discipline.

The speed skiing stadium open to the public

Once you've got the basics sorted, head for the slope. Now you are there, imagine the feat undertaken by a speed-skiing champion! A perfectly prepared slope with two small screens in the distance that in a few seconds will announce the long awaited grail: your speed.

Even if you feel like your legs will never carry you to the finish area, even if your belly twists in all directions, step forward, take a breath and go for it! In a few seconds your anxiety will turn into euphoria!

With the friction of your skis on the snow and the wind in your ears, your aerodynamic position will take you straight to the single line - the only one authorised to cross the slope, which will witness your performance.

Get flashed, speeding is allowed!

Like the greatest of the discipline, leave with your diploma attesting to your crazy descent and your medal.

Hesitate no longer, get your fill of thrills...

Time to spoil yourself

Embark on a journey that will awaken your 5 senses, indulge in a special, well-deserved break.
True temples of well-being, enjoy the little extra in these havens of peace that makes them unique.

In these areas specially designed for relaxation and well-being, recharge your batteries, pamper your body with a wide range of treatments, or relax in a whirlpool bath, sauna or hammam.

Relish in this tranquil oasis and breathe in the serenity.

Warm and cosy spaces with fragrances of aromatic essences that inspire absolute well-being and awaken your senses. Their serenity invites you to leave your worries in the locker room. In the heart of the Vars mountains, they promise to warm up your winter and will make this delicious break a special moment that will give you back your radiance and vitality.

Extend the benefits of the mountain with a relaxation and fitness break

In the cabin, the treatments and modelling provided by expert hands promise a unique experience. With the stimulation of the senses and the fullness of body and mind as the main focus, the treatments offer "beauty rites" combined with treatment techniques for optimal relaxation.

Animals and you

Discover nature in a different way in an unspoilt mountain environment

A bit of adventure...

Once tried, you're sure to fall in love with dog sledding!

Like the great explorers, explore the snowy expanses and experience pure enchantment.
Get on board a dog team and awaken the trapper in you!

Experience a total change of scenery as you conquer immense white expanses bordered by forests, with only the soft squeak of huskies' paws on the snow in the background, galloping through immaculate nature, far from everyday life. In the heart of the Peyrol forest, reconnect with your nomadic habits, let yourself be guided while comfortably settled, snuggled up under a cozy blanket or, like a northern pioneer, drive your own sled and enjoy the landscapes tantamount to the great Canadian north where barking and laughter will mingle in unison. Explore the powdery snow, in a silent nature setting, enchanting as it is on the Croc Blanc, Jack London or Paul Emile Victor slopes.

An unforgettable discovery, a warm welcome

A hint of madness...

Enjoy the horses, a real show!

From walk to gallop, experience unforgettable thrills!

In search of adventure and high emotion, enjoy a picture postcard landscape at the pace of the horses.
Swap a saddle for skis, buoys or a sled... and hang on!
Get pulled by horses walking, trotting and even gallop for an unforgettable 'ski joering' experience. You don't need to be a great skier or a seasoned rider to discover new sliding sensations.
On a large path towards the Col de Vars (Vars Pass), walk through a clear valley and enjoy the magic of winter through these nature activities combining the pleasure of snow and sharing with horses. Thanks to this fun and educational walk, discover a real storytelling tour of the mountain environment.

Escape, let go and savour

The horses will take you to new snow thrills.


Everyone to the farm!

In the heart of the hamlet of Vars Saint Marcellin, come and discover the secrets of goat breeding and cheese making!

Take advantage of privileged access to the goat stables and discover unique moments with a direct link to the animals. Enter a mountain where the magic of the simple things related to breeding and living things will enchant you.

Discovery and tasting, the right mix

Meet endearing, playful, curious animals and for the pleasure of your taste buds, savour the cheeses combining tradition and innovation. A paradise for young and old alike who wish to discover the secrets of farming and cheese-making, visit the herd, bottle feed and take part in milking. Beyond the visit, you will have strong, striking, unforgettable experiences.

Ski in the moonlight

An unforgettable moment under the stars

Dare to gleave behind your habits, hurtle down the slopes under the lunar halo and experience a magical moment in the heart of a fairy-tale landscape.
Discover the villages illuminated by a thousand lights and ski at night by moonlight and torchlight.

Wrap yourself in your finest jacket, put on your boards, enjoy this wonderful feeling as you sink into the night in a hybrid lift at 2200 m altitude under the spotlights and glide gently into the twilight.

Experience the magic of night skiing

When the blue of the night joins the white of the snow, you become very small in this immensity between immaculate white and dominant peaks... a moving shadow under thousands of stars!

To take a break between two descents, enjoy a delicious meal in the mountain restaurants where entertainment and music will give rhythm to your night.

Enjoy the surreal lighting under a starry sky

Why not make the most of your holiday and try the toboggan ride?

Get your fill of thrills

The Caribou toboggan gives you a taste of adventurein a nature setting, in a larch forest overlooked by the majestic Eyssina ridges.

Embark in a toboggan or in pairs and prepare for a surge of adrenaline with hairpin bends and huge accelerations for over a kilometre.

An improbable path of jumps, waves, chicanes and aerial spins will make this descent an unforgettable moment of your holiday while surely reminding you of some roller coaster!

Whether you're a speed enthusiast or a fan of beautiful landscapes, come and experience thrills (while adjusting your speed as you please) and share in the laughter.

A few minutes of wild descents lie in store

Ready to slide?

Thrills, adrenaline rush and high spirits are the order of the day

Once you've taken the ski lift, being at the top of the slope takes a whole new twist from the one you experienced a few hours earlier.
The skiers and hustle and bustle of the day give way to quiet.
The azure blue sky, gradually changing from blue to orange. The crests of the Eyssina are of exceptional beauty, illuminated by a soft light.

Get on your skis, get set, go!

With your knees under your chin and your hands on the brakes, you're ready to take on the 2 km descent in a dream setting.
A series of more or less controlled skids, minor scares, slight falls and laughter will make your descent an unforgettable moment of your holiday.