What is unusual in the ski area

Do you feel like something else?
Don't be shy, be original, embark on an adventure and experience magical moments in the heart of the ski area.

Discover unexpected skiing spots, enjoy incomparable landscapes, exciting descents or even fun playgrounds.

Treat yourself to something unusual

Warm up your thighs!

Take a step up, breathe in and go for a wild ride.

1000 m of difference in height between the summit of La Mayt and the village of Sainte Marie, offering thrills out of the ordinary. Appreciated for its length, the mythical Olympique offers a sublime panorama of the Vars hamlets.

Your skiing or snowboarding skills will be put to the test as you make your turns. Quench your thirst for gliding and test your limits on a trail offering unique sensations. Icing on the cake, there is a variation that allows the greatest number of you to enjoy yourselves (red and blue trail)

An unforgettable experience with exhilarating slopes, Olympique is history, sensations, grandiose landscapes, anecdotes, commitment, a unique atmosphere or a touch of madness... something indefinable that has made it part of the legends.

Inimitable landscapes as a backdrop

This winter, change your habits, put on your boards and discover an exceptional natural environment that will offer you a total change of scenery.
Nestled in a larch forest at an altitude of 2750 m, with breathtaking views, the Forêt Blanche is a true fairy-tale treasure.

Take the time to discover and contemplate what is on offer to you, a unique hue, white, almost blinding, a luminous and sparkling world.
Take a break and allow yourself the luxury of admiring this immensity.

Find breath-taking views

All schuss or snowplough!

There are ski slopes that are monuments in themselves!
Not very technical and very pleasant, the Jas du boeuf has a little extra spirit that makes it one of a kind.
To commit to it is not only to go down a ski slope but to have an unforgettable experience.

This descent will always be taken in a good mood - in a schuss for the most daring, in small turns or in a snowplough.
Its flat parts allow greater freedom of expression.

It has a little something indefinable that will find a place in your heart, take the time to enjoy the pleasure of skiing.

Wake up the werewolf in you

Experience truly enchanting moments, enjoy a soft light, put on your skis by the glow of the fires and torches and experience a surreal descent, lit by the moon.

Only the moon is watching you

With the moon as the only source of light, the surrounding peaks are draped in mystery, bathed discreetly in the light of this star.
At the edge of the piste, the winter forest has a magical aspect, while towards the valley, the light points of the resort and villages glisten in the night.

Let the charm of the moment sink in

Take advantage of this dream opportunity to go outdoors under this huge spotlight that diffuses an surreal halo.
In the silvery light, your senses are heightened tenfold, mastery and abandonment blend with every turn.
Only the sound of your skis spinning in the snow breaks the silence of this beautiful night lit under a new star.

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Create your own trail

Skiing with the ridges of Eyssina or Chabrières as a treasure trove is not impossible!

Leave the frequented slopes, walk on a regularly ascending hiking route, in immaculate snow for all tracks and quickly find sensations close to nature, away from crowds and skiers.

Lovers of wide open spaces, discover a form of skiing in its most pristine state, you'll love the beauty of the spaces, the pleasure of skiing and enjoy your quota of nature safely thanks to a safe route. (the descent is obligatorily via the slopes during the ski area opening hours).

The calm that comes from silence is priceless

more information about the hiking route

To your parks, get set, play

For a successful holiday, have fun and discover the joy of adrenaline on an exciting and innovative playground. Enjoy yourself, launch into the air!

Big air, boxes, tables, rails, welcome to the heart of freestyle. Far from being reserved for the elite, the snowparks allow you to have fun with modules of sizes adapted to all levels. Hesitate no longer, do the descents and the acrobatics! A small detour is necessary on these spots which do not pass unnoticed, the pleasure is always there, whether you are an actor or a spectator.

The Varspark is the ideal place to have a good time with friends and to chill out all day long.

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