Thousand and one snow sports

Tired of skiing or snowboarding?

Discover the fun and trendy board sports that will have the effect of rejuvenation: a return to childhood.
Whether you find them extreme, unusual or simply for discovery, test an astonishing range of snow sports.

Get off the beaten track, go wild with snowshoes

From path to path, from deep forests to snow-covered combs, explore virgin and wild spaces and enjoy authentic and unspoiled nature.

Walk on virgin snow, listen to the silence of the larch forests, contemplate the landscapes and follow the tracks of a wild fauna which seems to accompany you along your walk...

Enjoy the calm and beautiful scenery on marked and maintained routes.

Hesitate no longer, immerse yourself in the trapper's spirit.

F Find routes

Skiing at full speed

Experience the great outdoors...

Like the greatest champions, make your tracks on the fastest slope in the world.

Let yourself be tempted by this beautiful adventure, launch yourself, get flashed and embrace the air to brake.

Thrills guaranteed

The only risk is that of wanting to go back up... to go down even faster!

more information about the speed skiing stadium

The fashionable “mario kart” sled

Go on a crazy downhillrun. Every Wednesday, find your inner child again at the closing of the slopes at the controls of your racing car. On the programme are turns, falls and especially a lot of fun.

Looking for thrills?
Seated, alone or accompanied, experience exceptional sensations on a course accessible to all. With acceleration, power, tight turns, chicanes and other flip flaps, thrills are guaranteed on the Caribou sled

Never without my Fatbike

Are you a fan of downhill mountain biking, speed and adrenaline? Put on your new ski gear: protection, helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and test the mountain bike on snow.

Set off on a 2-wheel adventure to explore the mountains, where you will experience nature and rugged terrain.

With its body-building tyres with low inflation, you will be exhausted and enchanted by the dancing and pedalling.

Try it and you will be won over

Those funny shoes that lead the way

Discover the joys of skiing. Between skiing and ice skating, this new technique will delight snow adventurers.

Designed to glide over the snow using a skating motion, sled dog snowskates bring fun to your descent and a great feeling of freedom.

Go for it!

Experience different sensations on a sled pulled by dogs.

Get on board a dog team and wake up the trapper in you.
Experience pure enchantment in the midst of unspoilt nature and breathtaking snowy landscapes.

Come and share an unforgettable moment on horseback, discovering new sensations under a beautiful white coat.
Let yourself be carried along to the rhythm of the horse and enjoy the magnificent landscape. By sleigh, ski joering or riding them in the most traditional way, in your stirrups, travel through the fabulous landscapes with these majestic animals.