Trails: The Vars wonders

Vertiginous vertical drop, mogul walls, immaculate landscapes or larch forests,
the Vars ski slopes offer an astonishing range of landscapes and sensations whatever your level.

Discover a fabulous playground

Tracks that have that little bit of extra soul that makes them unmissable.
To commit to it is not only to go down a ski slope, but to live an unforgettable experience.

All aboard!

The mythical Olympic

Red Level: difficult

3.5 km long, 1100 m of difference in altitude in the tracks of the greatest ski champions. The longest piste in the ski area will host the French championships on several occasions and will be used as training for the 1968 Olympic Games.

At the start of this legendary slope, your skis will levitate in the air before following a wall of moguls (depending on the conditions), big curves, short or medium radii that will warm up the thighs of the most athletic skiers.

An exceptional slope that allows you to glide in one go from the top of Peyrol to the lowest point of the Forêt Blanche ski area (1650m) in Vars Sainte Marie.

A reference for good skiers but a nightmare for the untrained! But fortunately, gentler variants will take you to this beautiful trail.

Approach it with the turns of your choice,
you will be tempted to visit it more than once.

At the highest point

The Unnamed Pass - Red level: difficult

Before making your first turns, take the time to contemplate one of the most breath-taking viewpoints of the resort with its 360° panorama of the snowy peaks of the Alps. Here, the bar of the Ecrins, Ventoux, the Italian summits and Mont Blanc stand out on the horizon.
The first part of the descent is on a ridge with the Alpine peaks as a backdrop before continuing on a wide trail where speed enthusiasts can enjoy carving big curves.
The slope will carry you down to a beautiful valley.
Take a deep breath, open your eyes, listen to the silence around you.

Take a deep breath, open your eyes, listen to the silence around you.
3...2...1, go!

A healthy glow

Larch trees - Blue level: Medium difficulty

With its wooded surroundings and breath-taking views, skiing in the Peynier area is a real pleasure.

A real postcard landscape, in front of you stands the ridges of the Eyssina and the Chabrières corridors, glistening snow, snow-covered larch trees, take your time, take breaks and enjoy.

With its ups and downs, the larch tree trail is playful and offers a special white atmosphere to fill up with positive energy. It is also one of the favourite destinations on a snowy day.
But beware, first come, first served: powder belongs to those who get up early.

Don't hesitate any longer...
Enjoy this huge playground in the middle of nature.

It doesn't take much to be happy

Les Heureux - Blue Level: Medium difficulty

This long descent, not very technical, on a perfectly sunny slope is a real joy.
Ideal for fun, sliding and carving pretty curves.
An unforgettable sliding experience because it transforms you into a champion during a descent.
It is enjoyed for its width and perfect damask that gives you the opportunity to have fun.
If you're eager for a challenge, don't ignore it for its intermediate ranking, you'll like it!

The wildest

The big valley - Blue level: Medium difficulty

The long descent of the Grand Vallon is suitable for all levels of skiers and alternates long curves, beautiful widths and long fast schuss, all overlooking a splendid landscape.
Away from the crowds, go down to the village of Vars Sainte Marie through the most unlikely niches of the Forêt Blanche.
Have fun, thanks to its profile full of breaks in a sublime setting

Take breaks and enjoy its isolated nature