Breathtaking viewpoints

Vars is unique for the abundance of stunning viewpoints. Enjoy the view as an ultimate award after a walk, on your skis or when out snowshoeing.

Every pure white summit inspires contemplation.

Enjoy the view!

Absorb the 360° breathtaking panorama , admire the fabulous spectacle and overlook the stunning scenery over the peaks of the mountains.

Let your imagination wander over the pure white snow cover on the Col de Vars. Enjoy the stunning view over the Col de Crévous pass. Fill your lungs with the force of nature on the heights of Sainte-Catherine.Feel tiny by the Chabrières summit.


Take to the heights!

Altitude lovers will admire the most amazing viewpoints of the resort. The view is breathtaking over the snow covered Alpes.
The Barre des Ecrins, the Ventoux, the Italian peaks and even Mont Blanc on the horizon are references in the immense space.


A stunning view

Every day in winter the intense light bathes the sky in different hues of blue, contrasting with the pure white of the pistes and trails where you meander on skis, on foot or showshoes to the viewpoint where the beauty is enchanting.

Sainte Catherine is like an observatory overlooking the magnificent Vars valley, dominating the villages with outstanding panoramas below.

Get there early in the morning or at dusk to see the day fade, leaving room for the stars.

Col de Crévoux

It’s enchanting!

On one side the panorama stretches to the splendid Vallée de la Durance and the Lac de Serre-Ponçon, on the other a very surprising landscape unfolds before you.
A favourite for Forêt Blanche fans, the Col de Crévoux is simply spectacular.

Col de Vars

From 2,109m, the Col de Vars offers stunning scenery with a dazzling view of the majestic Crêtes de l’Eyssina with the Italian peaks in the background.

Escape for a moment, long enough to gaze over over the vast white spaces. Turn your eyes towards the heights and enjoy the simple beauty of your surroundings.