Discover and enjoy the Vars treasures

A valley suspended at more than 1850 m above sea level, the resort of Vars and its three villages with southern accents offers you a sunny corner of the mountains.

* * * *

Wander through the narrow streets of the villages dressed in their beautiful white cloaks.
Admire the enchanting landscapes, marvel at the splendid scenery with Eyssina as a backdrop.

* * * *

Go for an outing around the villages, with beautiful and accessible nature.
Enjoy a bit of sweetness in a cosy atmosphere by curling up in front of a fire.

* * * *

And above all, take the time to let your gaze wander over the vast expanses of pristine white.

3 small villages and then disappears...

Precious, unspoilt, harmonious, the Vars villages reveal themselves like a little jewel and offer you an enchanting setting.

Impossible not to fall under the spell as these places steeped in history invite calm in an authentic setting.

Recharge your batteries

Typical mountain villages that have managed to preserve the simplicity that characterises them. Enjoy the peace and quiet of these hamlets: narrow streets and buildings adorned with stones and wood, church and temple of the period, squares, fountains where it is good to laze in the sun, heritage discovery paths and wild panoramas.

Here, nature is queen and you can recharge your batteries or contemplate it in full peace and quiet. You will be captivated by the beauty of the place in a white setting.

On foot, discover Saint Marcellin, Sainte Marie and Sainte Catherine: 5.6 km and 2hrs 30 mins of walk will be necessary for you to unearth the treasures of these places endowed with a small supplement of spirit, where you feel so good that time appears to freeze instantaneously.

Through emotions and sensations, you feel alive with the bounty of nature. Peace and quiet, appeasement and tranquillity are the key words for the feelings you will find in the Vars villages.

The Col de Vars (Vars Pass) in small steps

Enjoy a gentle stroll in a magical, memorable and iconic landscape where the high altitude snow ensures a real feeling of new discovery.

At an altitude of 2109 m, a superb panorama of the surrounding massifs offers itself to you, a real jewel case in the heart of an unspoilt mountain. Escape and wander on the hiking trails.

Halfway along the way, the landscape opens up to the vast white expanse of the frozen, snow-covered Napoleon Lake. Fill up with white energy, step by step! With eyes that devour the landscape, a hand that touches pristine snow an ears listening to every sound of the mountain.

Relax and contemplate

Grandma knows how to make a good snack

In winter, the Vars villages are magical, magnificent, but when the sun sets after a beautiful day, take refuge by the fireplace.
Curl up in a comfortable sofa, leaf through your favourite magazine, browse through a few pages of your favourite novel or simply enjoy a unique moment of relaxation enjoying the waltz of the colourful flames.

Our recipe: A good hot chocolate

For 4 people:
100 g dark chocolate
50 cl milk
10 cl water
2 packets vanilla sugar

1- Break the chocolate into squares

2- Heat the water and milk in a saucepan; as soon as it starts to simmer, add the vanilla sugar and stir for a minute

3- Add the chocolate squares and whisk briskly to make a chocolate mousse.

For utmost indulgence, treat yourself and add mini marshmallows.

Sip a comforting hot chocolate, a freshly squeezed fruit juice and enjoy a Vars shortbread, a speciality made with blueberries and raspberries, the chief fruits of our mountains. A shortbread with a tender and perfecttly sweet heart that will make your taste buds melt with happiness.

Refuel and reinvigorate in the glow of the flames

A walk bathed in sunshine

Between larch forests, spectacular, authentic landscapes and vast expanses glittering in the sun. Discover routes offering a majestic and wild view.
In this gentle atmosphere, jump into your favourite boots and venture out on one of the walks. Take the time to stroll in the middle of a bountiful nature.
Open your eyes wide and admire the summits at your own pace


Contemplative, you will appreciate this walk where your gaze embraces a landscape with spectacular panoramas

A meal at the summit

Gain height at nightfall, when the mountains draw the most beautiful picture on the horizon.

Take a ride in a snowmobile or caterpillar, our snow taxis, a route with a balcony over the resort that lights up with a thousand lights, giving way to a starry sky and invigorating fresh air.

In a cosy setting, with a crackling fireplace, the cosy mountain restaurants offer you a gourmet moment in perfect harmony with the moonlight and highlight the beautiful specialities of our mountains.

As close as possible to the peaks and the stars, find yourself around a beautiful table and a sparkling wood fire where raclettes, fondues and other tartiflettes smell wonderful.

Surrounded by the mythical peaks of Chabrières and dominated by the Eyssina crests, enjoy the peace and quiet of this dream location.

The higher, the better!