Vars Activities

Leisure center - ALSH

05560 Vars Sainte Marie
+33(0)492465382 - +33(0)607227173
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Leisure centre, housed within the Odcvl Le Chatelret, open to visitors to the Vars region, throughout the year. The Chatelrêt, in Sainte Marie, welcomes local children and tourists, aged 3 to 11 years inclusive, 7 days a week throughout the school holidays, as well as Wednesday afternoons and Saturday all day, during term time.


Your child will participate in communal life, learning to share and get along with others, through a wide range of environment-based activities - cultural, artistic, sports, art and crafts, and civic - which will teach them about the mountain.


You can choose full or half-days, depending on your needs and those of your children. Meals, which are prepared on site, can also be provided, if required.

A collection service can be arranged from the villages of Ste Catherine, St Marcellin and Les Claux - please specify when registering.
Possible ski school pick-up/drop-off service for children.


1/2 day without meals: €15.75 - 1/2 day with meals provided: €21.20

Full day without meals: €22.45 - Full day with meals provided: €27.65

3 non-consecutive days without meals: €60.85 - 3 non-consecutive days with meals: €76.65

6 non-consecutive days without meals: €118.55 - 6 non-consecutive days with meals: €150.30

Price per child



Pedestrian and snowshoes trails

05560 Vars les Claux
+33 (0)492465131

40 km of nature trails and heritage to explore


Discover the delights of Vars,exploring new itineraries along groomed, marked hiking trails.


Over time, you’ll get to explore the Fontbonne ski domain, visit Peynier with its orientation table and the villages with their old washhouses, ovens and alleyways where you’ll meet some of the local residents.


Admire the view of the Vars valley, above Sainte Catherine, with its wild open spaces; the beauty and snow-hushed silence of the new forest trails will astound you.



Le temps des enfants

05560 Vars les Claux

Jeux intérieur ou extérieur, ateliers créatifs ou culinaire, chaque jour pendant les vacances scolaires une animation gratuite, dédiée à nos chères têtes blondes, est proposée par les animateurs de l’Office de Tourisme.


05560 Vars les Claux
+33(0)492465324 - +33(0)492465965
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“Glisses partagées.” Group lessons, restricted to 6, 8 and 10 students.

The ESF instructors look forward to welcoming you to Vars, introducing you to the delights of all kinds of snow sports and sharing their GENUINE PASSION for these sports throughout the wonderful Forêt Blanche ski area.


Skiing, freeride, freestyle, snowboarding, Telemark skiing, snowshoes. In a group, as a family or with friends, you can learn new ways to have fun.


New: Ski lockers in each ESF (Centre and Point Show) Set off to ski in the morning with warm, dry shoes - toasty toes!


A Nursery on Skis: Two snow kindergartens at the bottom of the slopes, for a fun learning experience. Near the Tourist Office and Le Point Show.

Tiny tots from 2 and a half years, every day from 9am to 5pm.


05560 Vars les Claux
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Improve and have fun with ESI state-qualified instructors

Group lessons: 6 to 8 students maximum, Private lessons, Courses: Freestyle, snowboard, competition and off-piste.

Do you have a special request? We provide customised services!


- Group lessons: a range of available times for holiday classes! From 10 am to 12.30 pm, 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm and 2.30 pm to 5 pm.

- Children’s group lessons: from 3 and 1/2 years

- Children’s beginner lessons, adult beginner lessons and snowboarding for beginners: 6 children maximum

Evolution 2 - ski school

05560 Vars les Claux
+33(0)645909011 - +33(0)680851180
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Evolution 2, ski and adventure academy provides high-quality ski services for all abilities.

We specialise in freeriding/off-piste, ski touring, heli-skiing and freestyle.


Evolution 2 ‘s instructors are real enthusiasts who are keen to share their knowledge and experience to help you improve and feel more comfortable in the mountain environment.


Safety is our top priority in these activities

La randonnée en montagne - Montagne Liberté

05560 Vars les Claux
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Would you like to relax with friends, with family or by yourself, far away from unpleasant odours, noise or sights? If so, snowshoe hiking is perfect for you!


Information and booking:

- Ecole de Ski International (International Skiing School) at Le Point Show

- Dominique Sport, Le Seignon building

- At Skiset, Le Bouquetin residence

Les crins de la Forêt Blanche

05560 Vars les Claux
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Les crins de la forêt blanche vous proposent des activités équestres de pleine nature!
Venez tester l’activité de glisse avec le ski joëring, le snow jo, le traîneau à cheval et même de la luge tractée!
Attention adrénaline garantie!
Et même pour les cavaliers ayant un bon niveau nous avons des randonnées à cheval!
Sur réservation possibilité d’inclure les repas dans les refuges d’altitude!

Accueil Wintersnow Motoneiges

05560 Vars les Claux
+33(0)620481818 - +33(0)613584848 (avant 17h)
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If you're looking for a unique way to explore the forest, there's only one way to go: climb aboard a quality snowmobile (Bombardier Yamaha 500 and 1000 cc 4 stroke)

- Booking: The small chalet facing the chair lift, near the Mouton Noir restaurant

- Prices: check online or at the price lists at the entrance

Rustic tasting evening of local produce (by reservation only)


Book online:


Aventures Sensations Motoneige

05560 Vars les Claux
+33(0)608639566 - +33(0)624602382

La motoneige à Vars, c’est au Point Show.
Randonnée accompagnée tous les soirs à partir de 17h
Vous pilotez vous-même votre motoneige seul ou à deux, entre amis, groupe, séminaire et anniversaire.
Départ au Petit Chalet front de neige Point Show à coté des restaurants la Zizanie et Loys.
A très bientôt en Motoneige pour la saison 2019/2020