Vars Nature & Sports

Pedestrian and snowshoes trails

05560 Vars les Claux
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40 km of nature trails and heritage to explore


Discover the delights of Vars,exploring new itineraries along groomed, marked hiking trails.


Over time, you’ll get to explore the Fontbonne ski domain, visit Peynier with its orientation table and the villages with their old washhouses, ovens and alleyways where you’ll meet some of the local residents.


Admire the view of the Vars valley, above Sainte Catherine, with its wild open spaces; the beauty and snow-hushed silence of the new forest trails will astound you.



La randonnée en montagne - Montagne Liberté

05560 Vars les Claux
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Would you like to relax with friends, with family or by yourself, far away from unpleasant odours, noise or sights? If so, snowshoe hiking is perfect for you!


Information and booking:

- Ecole de Ski International (International Skiing School) at Le Point Show

- Dominique Sport, Le Seignon building

- At Skiset, Le Bouquetin residence

Aventures Sensations Motoneige

05560 Vars les Claux
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La motoneige à Vars, c’est au Point Show.
Randonnée accompagnée tous les soirs à partir de 17h
Vous pilotez vous-même votre motoneige seul ou à deux, entre amis, groupe, séminaire et anniversaire.
Départ au Petit Chalet front de neige Point Show à coté des restaurants la Zizanie et Loys.
A très bientôt en Motoneige pour la saison 2019/2020

Montagne Mélézin Office - Accompanist in the mountains

05560 Vars les Claux
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Mountain guides - snowshoe hikes

Snka Gliss - Collective sledge

05560 Vars les Claux
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05560 Vars Sainte Marie
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Vars paragliding and speed riding school