Ski and slide off the beaten path...

An invaluable choice of corridors is available to you!

Good skiers, or snowboarders, set off to discover nearly 100 or so corridors, 20 of which are accessible by the ski lifts.

Get to your boards! Fly over vast powder fields, through valleys or down dizzying slopes, forging your own route to explore untouched spaces.

The “Y”, “L'Entonnoir”, “La Virgule”, the “Petit Col” or “La Banane” have many slopes of between 30% and 50% within an hour's walk where you will slide on rare, fine and light powder made for dream skiing.

For the joy of the eyes and for pleasure, Vars draws its inspiration from its rich nature and offers you original discoveries in the detail of its mountains.

The various rocky bars allow freedom and diversity of trajectories on a difference in altitude of 500 to 700 m through spaces completely free of any tracks.

The larch forests or the gentle slopes will take you down breathtaking descents and wild, unspoilt areas.

A few corridors...

Caution: Outside of the marked trails, the dangers are diverse and do not show themselves as they do on the trails. From certain boundaries, you enter the “UNSAFE MOUNTAIN AREA” according to the signs in place. Whether it's “off-piste” or “mountain area”. Off-piste skiing is always practised under your RESPONSIBILITY. In both cases, it is reserved for people who have experience of the mountains. OFF-PISTE SKIING can not only put your life in DANGER but also THAT OF OTHERS.
Check the weather: 08 99 71 02 05 - Avalanche risk: 08 92 68 10 20 and get information locally from mountain professionals.

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