Ski passes

The Forêt Blanche Vars-Risoul ski area is vast, extending over 185 km with 115 pistes and 42 ski lifts; it is open to visitors from 8th December 2018 until 22nd April 2019.

Standard prices

aged 13 to 64 incl.
aged 5 to 12 incl.
aged 65 to 74 incl.
3 consecutive hours €34.40 €29.20 €32.70
Full Day €40.50 €34.40 €38.50
2 days €78.60 €66.00 €74.00
3 days €114.20 €94.80 €108.50
4 days €146.60 €120.20 €139.30
5 days €176.20 €142.70 €167.40
6 days €204.00 €164.00 €194.00
7 days €229.60 €183.70 €218.10
Additional consecutive days from 7th day onwards,
when taken together
€30.40 €25.80 €28.90
10 non-consecutive day ski pass €385.00
(You can withdraw one ski pass per day; card valid until 22/04/2019)
Season €790.00 €636.00 €751.00

These prices are valid for the ski area of Forêt Blanche, Vars-Risoul.
You will need a "Hands-Free” pass holder, which you can purchase for €2.00. If you already have one, you can re-use it!

"Family Advantage” ski pass

For a family (minimum 4), from same tax household, children aged 5 to 17 incl:7.5 % discount off standard retail prices.
Valid for 4 ski passes, minimum 6-days, purchased together for same continuous period. Conditions: Maximum of 6 people, minimum of 2 adults/seniors. The number of adults cannot be greater than the number of children. Documentation required: "livret de famille" (family record book), "carte mutuelle" (private insurance documents), or "carte famille nombreuse" (large family card).

"Free" lift pass

For under 5s and over 75s upon presentation of supporting documents

"Student" lift pass

Can be purchased for €30.80 per day, on presentation of a valid university student card

"Disabled" Skier

Free travel passes available on presentation of the "carte orange" card, for disabilities rated 80% or more Companions listed on the "carte orange" receive 50% off their day pass.

"Walker" lift pass

1 ascent €6.00 valid on the Chabrières cable car or the Vars Sainte Marie chair lift.

Sit-ski- Dual ski control

Thanks to the Pro-Vars association, Sem-Sedev is equipped with a sit-ski which can be driven by any able-bodied pilot, ski school instructor or volunteer who has received authorisation after a 2 half-day training course
given by Teissier, the manufacturer of the equipment, or the Secours Catholique.

The sit-ski can only be used on chair lifts; maximum weight 70kg.

Discovery Area

Free Area

3 drag lifts available: Les Claux, Baby Ecrins, Jardin d'enfants G1

"Evolution" ski pass

Ideal for beginners or those seeking a gentle re-introduction to skiing. €24.00/ 3 consecutive hours, €29.50/day
accessible ski lifts: Chabrières cable car, Les Claux chairlift, la Mayt chairlift, Peynier Adroit chairlift, G2 and Ecrins drag lifts

"Tenderness" day ski pass

Day (one price only): €24.00, this lift pass is valid for the Peynier, Les Claux and Fontbonne chairlifts and Peynier I and II and la Rochette drag lifts