Speed skiing

Experience the great outdoors...


Like the greatest champions, make your tracks on the fastest trail in the world.

Your move...

The speed ski stadium remains a unique moment to share with family and friends. It is an uncommon activity that guarantees both thrills and memories to share.

Let yourself be tempted by this beautiful adventure


> Meet from Thursday to Sunday at the timing hut at the bottom of the Chabrières trail
> Open from 10am to 2pm
> 3rd star level (can ski parallel on the trails)
> Minimum 6 years old
> Helmet and mask compulsory

The opening of the speed ski stadium is closely tied to the weather conditions, do not hesitate to ask for information - closed during the competitions

Go for it... Get flashed and hug the air to brake..

All the tips and tricks concerning the downhill will be given to you by the former record holder of the slope himself, Philippe Billy 243.902 km/hr and by his sons, both very high level speed skiers.

There are unique fates... That of Vars was certainly written in the slopes of the corridors which outline its high peaks. Nature has forged this trail that has become mythical over the years and records, nothing could have prevented this corridor from becoming the ski speed temple.

the mythical Chabrières trail

Measurements that are a dream in comparison to every speed skiing trail on the planet, for every enthusiast in constant search of speed and adrenaline....

Natural corridor located at the foot of the Eyssina, the track of all records has become THE world spot for speed skiing
- Starting altitude: 2720 m
- Arrival altitude: 2285 m
- Length: 1,400 m
- Difference in altitude: 435 m
- Maximum slope: 98%
- Average slope: 52.5%
- 1991: The first run on the Chabrières slope

Speed in its purest form

Speed skiing is like a battle against the stopwatch even though a variety of factors condition performance.
Indeed, the key is to control the sensations when the best skiers go from 0 to 200 km/h in less than six seconds.

After a century of looking for speed, skiers are still dreaming of records. Icarus of the Snows, they are today pursuing their quest for the absolute: technology and purity.

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Vars - the fastest resort in the world

Yvan Origone seized the absolute grailof speed, the Italian, now world record holder, gave the Chabrières trail the time that earned it the title of the fastest trail in the world, which still holds today.