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The speed skiing stadium is open to the public.

A shot of adrenaline for a real buzz

Your turn to have a go! Test your speed for free

The stadium is open to the general public which means that this discipline is no longer the sole preserve of champions. Naturally, the highest speeds are still their privilege but the bottom of the piste is an exhilarating playground for discovering and learning speed skiing.

How does it work?
> Meet Thursday to Sunday at the chrono cabin at the bottom of the Chabrières piste
> Open 10am-3pm
> You must be at least a 3-star skier (able to go everywhere on the slopes with skis parallel)
> For ages 6 and up
> You must wear a helmet and mask

All the tips and tricks regarding the descent will be given by the piste’s former record holder himself, Philippe Billy (243.902 km/h) and by his sons, both of whom are speed skiers of the highest calibre. Every skier who gets timed can push him/herself to their limit and taste the adrenaline produced by this sport, then leave with a personalised certificate stating their time!

The decision to open the speed ski stadium is highly dependent upon weather conditions (snow, wind, visibility). Closed during competitions.

Speed skiing? What’s that?

Speed skiing is the only land sport where participants reach in excess of 200km/h without a motor and without polluting the environment.Finally, it’s the most natural form of competition; all you need is a slope, a pair of skis and a fair amount of self-control!
From the futuristic outfits to the streamlined helmets, from the athletes who launch themselves to brave an acceleration close to that of an Airbus A320 taking off to the adrenaline rush felt by the audience, speed skiing remains THE exceptional sport.

A brief history of speed

A little speed skiing glossary

Speed One: The queen of the speed skiing categories, in which participants race with specific equipment (latex costume, streamlined helmet and poles, fairings on the calves and skis 2.4m in length) to achieve the highest speeds by having the best drag coefficient.

Downhill Category
: the participants have the clothing and equipment used for downhill skiing.

A speed skier’s wardrobe

A fashion masterclass, speed-skier style

Vars andspeed skiing.

The winning combination

The piste of all records

Vars - record central!

From 1991 to 1998

1991: Pascal Budin is the first skier to go down the now-legendary Chabrières piste.

Phillipe Billy achieves the best performance in the world, reaching 230 km/h.

1994: The first world speed record attempt on a mountain bike
set by Christian Taillefer at 147.170 km/h. He reaches 178 km/h the following year.

1996: Women’s ski record
set by Karine Dubouchet at 225.140 km/h and women’s mountain bike speed record set by Anne-Caroline Chausson at 172.248 km/h.

1997: Philippe Billy becomes the world’s fastest man skier with a speed of 243.902 km/h.

New women’s speed skiing record set by Carolyn Curl at 231.660 km/h, New men’s snowboarding record set by Sébastien Jaubert at 192.510 km/h

New men’s mountain bike speed record achieved by Christian Taillefer with a speed of 212.139 km/h. Xavier Cousseau with monoski, Loïc Guillemin with skwal, Julien Maingault in the cadet ski category and Ase Orjaseter in the junior women’s ski category also set the stopwatch on fire.
Notably, Luc Alphand, winner of the Alpine Ski World Cup 97, achieves a speed of 227.139 km/h on his first attempt.

From 2006 to 2019

2006: Simone Origone breaks the world record for speed skiing: 251.400 km/h

2009: Vars hosts the World Championship and the Frenchwoman Karine Dubouchet is crowned the winner in the Speed One category.

2013: 4 years later, Vars organises the World Championship again, Simone Origone sails though the competition in his category.

2014: Speed Masters, World record attempt. 36 world records have been broken!Including the men’s world record in the queen of ski categories: Simon Origone beats his own world record: 252.454 km/h

2015: Simon Origone finds himself on top of the world once again with a new record set during the Speed Masters event: 252.632 km/h
Many personal and national records are broken, and not just on skis... Eric Barone breaks themountain biking world record with a speed of 223.30 km/h, Edmond Plawcyck beats the snowboarding record with a speed of 203.275 km/h, Heather Mills hits164.95 km/h in handiski, Julien Brunet forms a dual ski team with Eric Barone and together they beat the world record with a speed of 146.78km/h

2016: The year of the little brother: They’re keeping the speed skiing world record in the family, but this time it’s the little brother, Ivan Origone, who outperforms everyone and sets a new standard: 254.958 km/h

Representing the women, Valentina Greggio shatters the world record by hitting 247.083 km/h on skis. In total, 30 personal records and 6 national ones have been broken.

2017: Eric Barone adds a new page to the history of mountain biking on snow by reaching a speed of 227.720 km/h.