4 freestyle areas on the ski area, a genuinely progressive play area lies in store.

A good dose of adrenaline

The Varspark has acquired its reputation for excellence over the years by offering a variety of modules for everyone: beginner, advanced,
or pro, everyone can find their route to learn or perfect their freestyle practice.

Let yourself be tempted by freestyle

Eyssina Park

Ride one of the most beautiful European slopestyle parks in the tracks of the best riders of the time

At the foot of the Eyssina peaks, this very diversified space offers routes accessible to all (green, blue, red and black). Composed of snow modules (big air and tables), this park also offers slopestyle type modules combining snow and slide modules as well as a permanent boardercross.

Location: 2400 m altitude
Access: Easy and fast access by the 2 Crévoux ski lifts
Level: Beginner to pro rider

An added bonus:

A cool area with a chalet! Meeting point for all riders, do not hesitate to take advantage of the BBQ area

Girly Park

Approved by all practitioners, this space is a unanimous success with users. Don't be afraid! This park isn't just for girls! On the contrary, do not hesitate, it is the most accessible.

With easy modules, an original design and safety guaranteed, come and try the first freestyle sensations.

Location: Chabrières hybrid lift summit
Getting here: Easy access by hybrid lift and the Clapier trail
Level: Beginner

Totem Park

A park perfectly integrated into its environment with stone (Guillestre pink granite) and wood but also modules inspired by the Far West:
- Indian village: Ride on the many rails and carved totem poles
- Far West Village made up of modules inspired by the buildings of the Far West.
Probably the most original of all the parks!

Location: Sibières chairlift summit
Getting here: Easy access by the Sibières or Les Escondus chairlift and the Eyssina ski lift
Level: Experienced and Pro

Kid Park

A gentle introduction for the very youngest, from 3 years old, with boxes adapted to their size.
Come and ride in the middle of the mountain animals (life-size resin figurines)...

A park for the very first steps towards freestyle

Location: G2, Chabrières hybrid lift summit
Getting here: Beginner

Boardercross des Heureux

This fun area on the edge of the slopes is the first gateway to freestyle practice before venturing out onto the snowparks.
An all-natural “secret spot” for having fun in complete safety

Location: Edge of the Heureux slope
Level: Beginner

A bit on... safety

- Protect yourself (helmet, back, different protections, etc.)
- Make a reconnaissance tour of the modules adapted to your level (green, blue, red or black zone)
- Check before jumping that there is nobody in the way!
- Adapt your speed (watch the riders on each module)
- Don't be crazy (take the time to progress at your own pace)
- Use the modules correctly (don't jump just anywhere!)
- Do not park in the reception area!
- If you see someone getting hurt, see if they need help!

You are responsible for your own safety
Crossed markers indicate a closed module for safety reasons.
Skates/Snowblades forbidden

For more information, shapers are available every day of the season at the shaper's hut (Eyssina Park)