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Safety rules

- Protect yourself properly, wearing helmet, impact shorts, back and wrist protection, etc.
- Have a look round beforehand at the obstacles for your ability (green, blue, red or black zones)
- Check before jumping that nobody is in your landing area!
- Observe the riders on each obstacle and adapt your speed accordingly
- Don't go mad, take the time to work out your rhythm
- Use the obstacles properly; don't just jump anywhere!
If you hurt yourself, move away from the landing area!
- If you see that someone else is injured, check if they need first aid!

Crossed poles mean that an obstacle is closed for safety reasons.
Access is prohibited
Scooters/Snowblades are forbidden.

Contact us

Should you require any more information, the shapers can be contacted at their cabin (Park de l'Eyssina) every day throughout the season.

Infos Varspark:
SEM SEDEV +33 (0) 4 92 46 51 04


Obstacles must be used in accordance with the safety and usage regulations displayed at the Park's entrance; please take time to read them. The snow park is there for your pleasure and entertainment but can also result in serious accidents if used incorrectly. Beware that adrenaline reduces your perception of risk. Keep your feelings and emotions under control.

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