Speed Masters

Speed World Record Attempt

Due to weather conditions, the last World Cup run will serve as a ranking for the Speed ​​Masters.

Each year brings new records. Come and experience the thrills with us at Vars. Each time they are stronger, fester and more motivated. The italian Ivan Origone was clocked at 254.958 km/h in March 2016 - How get fast will they Go?

Speed Masters is a speed skiing trail (current record holders and already titled skiers). The current record cmay be beaten according to the weather conditions.

The event will be set at the end of march because the quality of the snow is the best for speed skiers to reach very fast speeds.

Speed World record attempt

26th march 2016

254.958 Km/h

Ivan Origone
break the world record of speed skiing

The Chabrieres slope is one of the most impressive in the world and inspire great respect to all KLists
- Start altitude: 2720 m
- Finish altitude: 2285 m
- Lengh: 1400 m
- Difference in height 435 m
- PMax steepness: 98 %!
- Average steepness: 52.5 %

The track of ChabrièreVars-Hautes Alpes

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