Ten good reasons to come to Vars on holiday

Ski in the sun all day long!

Try the 185 kilometres of pistes in the Forêt Blanche ski area and follow the light: a multi-purpose ski so you don't miss a single second of sunbathing!

Test speed skiing on the trail of all records

Challenge any schuss and be the fastest thanks to the RMC permanent speed ski stadium.

As a bonus, you will be coached by the champions of the discipline!

Let yourself be tempted by this beautiful adventure.

4 Snowparks = 4 good reasons to get into it

Whatever your level, ride the different modules at your own pace, gain confidence as you progress and above all, enjoy yourself!

Outings for happy people!

No less than 50 kilometres of pedestrian and snowshoe routes lie in store if skiing is not really your thing or if you just want to take a break for a day.

Vars is the ideal place for your children to learn to ski

Memories forever etched in their minds.
Between the first ski lessonsor the discovery of snowboarding (from 18 months old!!), be sure that your offspring will remember it for a while!

Boredom = mission impossible

Between skiing, activities and entertainment every day, there is no room for boredom, unless you want to get bored!

On the programme: sledging, dog sledding, activities with horses, snowscoot, snow skating, snowmobiling, snowmen, well-being, shows, cinema, visit to the goat farm, paragliding or fat bike!

There's something for everyone!

A summit meeting

Sharing, conviviality and beauty will be the watchwords of your holidays.

Beauty like taking to heights to admire this nature. Use your photographic memory to engrave these landscapes in your memory.

And take them out when you're back at work and feel like a holiday...

Conviviality and sharing, whether it is around a good typical meal in one of the restaurants in the resort or the ski area, a chat with the locals or a chairlift ride shared with strangers!

Snow + Sun =

Jealousy guaranteed when returning to the office with your tan worthy of July thanks to the climate 100% Hautes-Alpes.

Sliding in all its states

Skiing, yes! But not only that. Discover sledding in all its forms: on rails, in groups, on the slopes at closing time, on its own, on a buoy pulled by a horse!

Unparalleled slope quality

Thanks to the remarkable work carried out on the slopes by the ski lift staff and in particular the groomers, the Vars ski area offers skiability that has made its reputation throughout the region and even beyond. Vars is able to offer you a snow guarantee thanks to the development of the snow-making network.