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Sports hiking

Taking on the summits!

Let’s set off on some of Vars’ most emblematic hikes, among the 200km of footpaths that make up the territory.


Like never before

Sharp hiking boots, packed bag, recharged camera and a mind of steel: you’re all set to discover 2 of the most exhilarating hikes of your vacation. Aerial, with varied terrain and sometimes at the crossroads of lakes, they’ll guarantee you breathtaking panoramas.

Like you were there

Un été loin de la canicule... - Vars
Un été loin de la canicule... - Vars
Un été loin de la canicule... - Vars

Hiking highlights:

The ridge route is grandiose and quite varied, verdant on the Val d’Escreins side and rockier on the Vars side. It’s well worth the effort after climbing the Col de la Scie at the start of the Val d’Escreins, in the middle of the forest, sheltered from the sun.

The view from the ridges is breathtaking and 360 degrees. You’ll appreciate the surprisingly shaped rocks.

The edelweiss meadows of the Col de la Coulette as well as the splendid view of the mystical Vallon Laugier.

The 3-in-1:

Composed of 3 summits, La Mortice is accessed via the no less famous Lac des 9 couleurs.

During the steep ascent from the 9 couleurs, don’t miss its chasm, accessible via a trail that runs off to the right of the main path. You’ll then be at an altitude of 2950m!

From the chasm, you’ll continue your tough ascent until you reach a second landing with large slabs. All that remains is to reach the Mortice Sud, the most frequently climbed summit.

An incredible panorama awaits you, with the Ubaye mountains in particular.

Starting point: Val d’Escreins Nature Reserve:

Here’s a 3000 that requires you to get up at the crack of dawn. You’ve been eyeing this hike for a while? it’s a no-brainer: we climb up the Rif Bel in this magnificent Val d’Escreins through cembrian pines and larches. After 2h30 of climbing, a plateau opens up to you. Even a few marmots greet you. Head for the Col de Houerts, just before the famous Pointe d’Escreins comes into view. The view is incredible: Pic de Panestrel, Font Sancte, Pic des Houerts all close by and further away: Les Écrins, l’Ubaye and its Brec de Chambeyron.

You’ve got your 3000!!!! It’s earned and you’ll have earned it!


Beautiful encounters

Taking on the highest Varsincs peaks can sometimes lead to some wonderful encounters. Certain altitudes are ideal for observing ibex, chamois and birds of prey. These include the Mortice, the Oratoire de la Font Sancte and the Pointe d’Escreins. But be careful, you can’t be lucky every time, and above all, respect the local fauna and don’t disturb our animal friends who evolve here in their natural environment.

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Le Val d’Escreins

Discover Val d’Escreins, an unspoilt valley just a stone’s throw from the resort.

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