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La Foulée de Peyrol

13 km / 700 m D

Sunday, July 30, 2023


Foulée de plaisir

More than 100 runners were at the start of the Foulée de Peyrol. A joyful and epic atmosphere accompanied the runners right up to the whistle. Everyone was ready to set off on that first climb to admire the varsinc panorama as a reward.

As for the results, we witnessed a very fine fraternal duel. In first place, Martin Berthou, finished brilliantly with a time of 1h02’15, just ahead of his brother, Anatole Berthou, in 1h04’09. The two brothers hugged each other as they crossed the finish line, delighted to have achieved this great feat together. In third place we find, Alex Blin, with a time of 1h06’47. On the women’s side, Anne-Laure FEY takes first place with a time of 1h24’49 ahead of her two main rivals Pascale DEGLIESPOSTI-FERAUD in 1h32’45 and Sonia ANRAUD MONDIN in 1h36’55.

The will

At the top

Two brothers at the top: a brotherly duel

Martin, 22, signs this victory very close to his brother Anatole, 19, crossing the finish line together more complicit than ever. A time that adds to yesterday’s on the demanding KV-KL format for Martin.

Trail enthusiasts, it’s with family that the young athletes come to train in the Hautes-Alpes: “Beyond a sport, trail running is a way of life. Martin points out that he doesn’t run to be strong, but to stay in shape.”

The course was demanding for both brothers: “the climb at the start of the race is quite steep, so we pushed on our legs until the second climb, where we were able to find the right stride to reach the crests. The descent over the balconies offers panoramic views of the surrounding peaks, so we had a lot of fun.”

A fan of “short” formats, the two brothers leave with their heads full of memories and the firm intention of repeating the experience.

The experience and determination of a triathlete

On vacation in the Hautes-Alpes, the triathlete managed to take first place. Her experience as a seasoned athlete rewards her efforts. An investment driven by her passion for mountain sports: “I train twice a day, varying between swimming, cycling and running. This race fits in perfectly with my preparation plan for my next goals.”

“The course is very well marked, there aren’t many technical downhills and that works in my favor as I prefer the uphills. From the summit, the view of Lac de Peyrol is very pretty and the Vars balconies offer a beautiful panoramic view.”

Anne-laure is delighted with her victory: “there’s a good chance I’ll be back next year.”



Start from Vars les Claux in the direction of the village of Sainte-Marie.

You begin the route with a challenging climb towards lac de Peyrol via the Forest.The refreshment station will be waiting for you halfway up (at km7) to regain your strength. You’ll continue on the sentier des balcons de Vars, which has never been so aptly named.

The course ends with a descent towards the resort of Vars-Les-Claux.

This race is ideal for runners wishing to get their first taste of mountain trail running. Get your sneakers on!

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