Travel for an evening with animated screenings of documentaries dedicated to mountain sports. Alpinists, traileurs, steep skiers… come and share their passion for outdoor sports and their views on preserving the environment. An inspiring breath of fresh air!


Mountain documentaries

This year, Vars is organizing evening screenings at the cinéma le Mélèze around mountain sports. Through their “nature” experience, these outdoor enthusiasts share with us a different approach to the environment and a reconnection around living things to give meaning back to our actions.

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Paul Bonhomme

March 1, 2023 – 6pm

Steep-slope skier, ultra-trailer and Dutch high-mountain guide, Paul Bonhomme is a lover of the great outdoors. An avid climber, the ultra-mountain man took part in several competitions between the ages of 11 and 17, and became a mountain guide in 2006. Known for his many vertiginous projects, this true high-level mountaineer opened 10 new routes during the winter of 2021 in just 5 months. A truly ambitious project sometimes even deemed “unrealistic” that he will succeed in the company of Vivian Bruchez, Xavier Cailhol and Gilles Sierro.

This great mountaineer came to Vars to present his latest documentary“curiosité”. A top-level athlete, family man and writer at heart, Paul Bonhomme shared his philosophy of life around his passion for the summits.

Teaser CURIOSITÉ, l'Aventure vue par Paul Bonhomme
Teaser CURIOSITÉ, l'Aventure vue par Paul Bonhomme
Teaser CURIOSITÉ, l'Aventure vue par Paul Bonhomme
Our guests

Laetitia Roux

December 28, 2022 – 6pm

A native of the Hautes-Alpes, Laetitia Roux, multiple ski mountaineering champion has come to visit us to present her micro-adventure “be the change”. A true multi-disciplinary sportswoman, Laetitia shares her passion for outdoor sports and invites the public to become more aware of the climate issues impacting our planet.

On a road bike, mountain bike, trail, paraglider or kayak, Laetitia takes us on a discovery of an exceptional territory with fascinating experts (farmers, scientists, rangers from the Parc des Ecrins) connected by a common value: “the living”.

Episode 4 Be the Change : Précipitations
Episode 4 Be the Change : Précipitations
Episode 4 Be the Change : Précipitations

What’s important is the story they want to tell through the mountain and with the mountain. For me, that’s the most powerful thing.


Through my 100% muscular energy micro-adventures and the insights of experts, I invite you to open your eyes to living things, to discover and marvel at what surrounds us, to live together and preserve life in all its forms. This is the commitment of “be the change”.


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