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Corentin Desbois flashed at 175.162 km/h

Snowscoot world record

Almost two weeks after Simon Billy set the world record for ski speed, Corentin Desbois has grabbed a new official snowscoot record of 175.162 km/h.


Record beaten: 175.162 km/h

Under glorious sunshine, Corentin Desbois was able to express himself on the mythical Chabrières piste. The rider is making history by beating his own world record with a speed of 175.162 km/h this Tuesday, April 4, 2023. It’s a real human and technological challenge that has just been achieved.

For 10 years, the rider has been training relentlessly to seek the speed limit on a snowscoot. Years of sacrifice and investment that came to fruition in 2019 with a first-ever record of 168.80 km/h. The rider and his teams were able to develop the ideal prototype to go even faster: a snowscoot with futuristic looks to achieve optimal aerodynamics and register a new world record in his record books.

Corentin Desbois doesn’t intend to stop there, and clearly announces his next extreme goal: go beyond 200km/h!

“What a joy to achieve this incredible speed today, here in Vars on a piste wonderfully prepared by the resort’s teams. Opportunities to run here are very rare, so I’m just enjoying the moment and this record that was so close to my heart, 4 years after my last training sessions”.

Corentin Desbois

An extreme discipline

After winning several titles in freestyle snowscoot, the French rider decided to try his hand atspeed snowscoot and won the world record in 2017 at 168.382 km/h. From gear to equipment (boots, helmet, wetsuit), nothing is left to chance. Aware that every detail matters, the champion and his teams work tirelessly to improve the equipment.

“It’s a challenge on a mental level but also on a technological level”, affirms the champion, Corentin Desbois.

The snowscoot, a mix between BMX and snowboard

Invented in 1991, the snowscoot is a machine made up of two independent boards, a frame, a fork and handlebars to steer the front board. The airbarg system, specially designed for speed, allows you to brake on arrival.


CORENTIN DESBOISSnowscoot world record attemptObjective 2022

Prove that snowscooters can go over 200 km/h on a speedway.

From crashes to records | Corentin Desbois | 2023
From crashes to records | Corentin Desbois | 2023
From crashes to records | Corentin Desbois | 2023


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