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Vars, full scale nature#Joy

Enjoy all life has to offer in the pure mountain air,
discover the heritage, the local and cultural traditions, or the magnificent landscapes.
Here, time stands still! Experience high emotions

Vars, your mountain passport

The higher you go,
the more beautiful the scenery!

Auréa, 7 years old

1001 ideas for your summer holiday in Vars...

The Val d’Escreins: a little taste of paradise
A real haven of peace, a "central land", unspoilt and entirely devoted to walking, hiking and relaxation surrounded by nature.

The Val is also an 100% nature ​​attraction with educational, botanical or fun walks, trails, orienteering courses, and barbecue areas.

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Our favourite: The Lac des 9 couleurs [Lake of 9 colours]
Round trip: 5hr - Accessible to most
After an uphill climb through pastures, take the path below the ridge overlooking the splendid Laugier Valley to reach the Col de Serenne.
A bit more effort for about 15 minutes and you will discover the Lac des 9 couleurs, nestled in the rocks at 2,711 m altitude.

- The little extras: Marmots, fields of edelweiss and, the icing on the cake, a lake with shades of blue, green and gold inlaid with pink marble.

Bikes and hikes

The unmissable: The Vars-Embrun descent
32km of pure descent from the top of the Mayt to the banks of the Lac de Serre Ponçon with a difference in altitude of 1,800m.

A real escape on 2 wheels allowing you to discover some of the most beautiful landscapes overlooking Vars and the Lac de Serre-Ponçon

Mainly through forest and dotted with rest areas, the queen of descents is open to families (children from 10 years old) and the more athletic

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