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How to get to Vars

When it’s time to go on vacation, it’s always a good idea to get organized. To make sure your trip goes off without a hitch, prepare in advance so you can start your long-awaited mountain vacation with peace of mind.

Destination Vars44° 34' 21.583" N 6° 40' 47.971" E

Whichever way you come from, find the best way to get to Vars.
The suggested routes are given as a guide only. For public transport, please check the dates of your stay and make sure that the various modes of transport are available.

The routes suggested are only indicative.

Getting to Vars

by car


Take the A51 freeway towards Gap as far as the Saulce toll booth, then towards Embrun / Guillestre then Vars.


Take the A6 freeway to Lyon, then the A43 to Grenoble. Then head for Briançon via the Col du Lautaret or Gap via the Col Bayard, then Embrun / Guillestre and Vars.

Getting to Vars

by train

Night train

To make your overnight journeys between Austerlitz station and Mont-Dauphin / Guillestre station. Daily shuttle bus connections are available for a fee.

More information coming soon.


To Oulx and Marseille / Saint Charles stations. A shuttle bus or TER train to Mont-Dauphin / Guillestre station will take you to the resort.


From all over France to Mont-Dauphin / Guillestre station, 15 km from the resort. There are daily shuttle bus connections to the resort for a fee.

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Circulate on site

Arrive with peace of mind once you’re there, a free shuttle service runs daily between the villages!

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