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Speed Masters

And World Cup Resumption

The World Speed Ski Championship and world record attempt took place from March 16 to 24, 2024. After the intense events of this competition, the reruns of the World Cup stages promise more great surprises.

A battle

Against the elements

When the elements dictate the game

The 2024 edition of the Speed Masters turned into a fierce battle against capricious weather, a testament to the fact that speed skiing is a discipline where the elements can become the competitors’ main adversary. The decision was a difficult one for the race committee, but safety made the choice necessary. The unpredictable conditions of this sport underline the importance of giving one’s best on every run, aware that natural hazards can upset the course of events at any time.

For this reason, the world champions were crowned on the basis of Friday’s results, with France’s Simon Billy taking 1st place with a speed of 231.43 km/h and Italy’s Valentina Greggio, who dominated the women’s ranking with a speed of 226.42 km/h. Their victory underlines not only their sporting excellence, but also their ability to remain focused and efficient in the face of the unexpected.


Edition 2024

Home triumph: Simon Billy crowned world champion

For the 3rd year running, Simon Billy took 1st place with a speed of 231.43 km/h. A native of the Varsinc region and very attached to the Chabrières track, Simon Billy’s ability to surpass himself on a track known for its speed and technical demands is a testament to his fighting spirit. His fighting spirit enabled him to dominate the rankings. The Czech, Radim Palan, came second with a speed of 230.57 km/h, just behind the Austrian, Manuel Kramer, who completed the men’s podium with a speed of 229.28 km/h.

Valentina Greggio: 4th world crown in speed skiing

On the women’s side, Italy’s Valentina Greggio confirmed her status as the world’s leading speed skier, winning her 4th world championship title with a speed of 226.42 km/h. France’s Clea Martinez took second place with a speed of 222.23 km/h, and Sweden’s Mathilda Persson rounded off the podium with a speed of 217.49 km/h.

Speed Masters 2024: A Day of Record-Setting Victories Despite the Challenges

Friday turned into a theater of fine performances, marked by 20 new personal bests and 2 national records for Japan in the men’s category and Spain in the women’s.

World Championship


France’s Cau Lapique Mareva, world junior speed skiing champion

The world championship for junior klists, which took place on Wednesday March 20, was marked by a fine victory for France’s Cau Lapique Mareva with a speed of 166.41 km/h, highlighting the promising talent of the young participants in this sport.

On the men’s side, the Swede, Persson Victor, dominated the competition, reaching a speed of 174.06 km/h, followed by the two young Frenchmen, Labit Matias and Fouquet Alexis, in second and third place respectively, with speeds of 169.44 km/h and 169.24 km/h. On the women’s side, Cau Lapique Mareva from the Landes region of France brilliantly won the women’s competition, with a speed of 166.41 km/h. Siri Kling Andersson and Ribbergardh Amanda took second and third place respectively, with speeds close to 165.73 km/h and 165.06 km/h.

This world championship highlighted the talent and commitment of the young klists.


FIS celebrates 100 years

Immerse yourself in the adventure of winter sports with a special series celebrating the FIS centenary. The first episode, entitled “The fastest skiers on earth”, is now available. Discover athletes defying the limits of speed, reaching over 200 km/h in less than six seconds. It’s an adrenalin-fuelled performance challenge that’s taking the world of skiing by storm.

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Aftermovie Speed Masters Vars 2023
Aftermovie Speed Masters Vars 2023
Simon Billy

World Record

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

255.50 km/h

We witnessed a real feat on the mythical Chabrières piste with its 98% gradient, as Frenchman Simon Billywon the world ski speed record with a time of 255.5 km/h. The local champion didn’t shy away from the slope and became the fastest man on the planet!

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