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An eco-responsible approach

Our commitment in action

For several years now, Vars has been committed to working towards a more sustainable mountain environment. Numerous measures have been taken to reduce the resort’s environmental footprint: climate, energy, biodiversity, landscapes and waste. Vars is taking action and adopting eco-responsible measures in all these areas.

Published on 15 December 2023


As a testament to our deep attachment to the mountain ecosystem, the Tourist Office’s activities department offers a variety of free activities for all ages, aimed at raising visitors’ awareness of the richness of our natural environment. These activities include :

Landscape reading: Explore and understand the mountain environment as a whole, as well as the history of Vars and its mountains.

What’s water?: Discover the origin of water and follow its course on forest walks.

In the footsteps of animals: Learn about the main mountain animal species, their life cycles and how to identify them within their ecosystem.

Trees and their mysteries: Take a stroll in the forest of the Fournet plateau and learn to recognize the different species of trees found there.

Snow is cold! Dive into the world of snow, exploring its composition, formation and characteristics through explanations and experiments.

Mountain animals: Discover the diversity of mountain animals present in Vars, their ecology and their interactions within this unique environment.

Créa’teliers: Take part in creative workshops where you can draw animal footprints, build birdhouses, color landscapes, and explore recycling activities.

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Our partners


Imbert coaches

Because preserving the mountain environment also involves mobility, Autocars Imbert is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions:

> CO2 reduction achieved on the shuttle service last year, linked to the use of XTL vegetable fuel: an alternative fuel that significantly improves the carbon footprint. CO2 reduction on the Vars shuttle service: 90.19 %.

> Total CO2 saved: 150.2 tonnes on this service.

In other words, with conventional diesel, 166.5 tonnes of CO2 would have been emitted into the atmosphere, compared with 16.4 tonnes using this plant-based fuel.

Village Club du Soleil de Vars:

Located at an altitude of 1,900 m, in the heart of Vars Les Claux, the Village Club du Soleil is also committed to actions in favor of the environment. This year, two new initiatives have been added to the existing ones:

> The creation of a mascot, “Beezy l’Abeille”, a strong symbol of nature and environmental preservation.

> A partnership with “Un toit pour les abeilles” to sponsor beehives.

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