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Ski touring

Vars on skins

Gain altitude and escape into the heart of a larch forest. A purely wild form of sliding that lets you discover the mountains in a different way. This authentic activity with marked itineraries will give you a unique experience.


Ski touring

Also known as “nature skiing”, country skiing is an ancient discipline that has diversified over time thanks to the evolution of lighter equipment. This practice is attracting more and more enthusiasts eager to discover the mountains differently in a more responsible and sustainable way.

The resort of Vars has no shortage of assets to take full advantage of this snowy universe with over 8 km kilometers of marked itineraries. Descents are made on safe, groomed runs, enough to reassure beginners.

Every year the resort welcomes a large number of enthusiasts to enjoy a 360-degree tour of the cirque varsinc the most beautiful surrounding peaks.



You put on your best skis to get away from the crowds, marvel at the Eyssina summit along the way and appreciate all the effort you’ve put in on the way down



The Forest PathDIFFICULT LEVEL (max. 30° slope)

Distance: 2.3 km, 340 m ascent – Average time: 2h

Altitudes: start 1860m – finish 2200m

At the foot of the Mayt chairlift, identify the “ski de rando” start sign on your left. Climb up into the heart of the forest, and the wide-open spaces will reveal themselves just before the end of the itinerary, with an unobstructed view of the Eyssina summit. At the top of the Télémix, the descent is via the blue and red runs.

Saluces PassVERY DIFFICULT LEVEL (max. 20° slope)

Distance: 1.8 km, 310 m ascent – Average time: 1h30

Altitudes: start 2130m – finish 2440m

At the top of the Télémix, take the blue trail that leads to the start at the foot of the DVA park. Look out for the “départ ski de rando” sign and take the path between the “jas du bœuf” trail and the “piste des heureux”. In the middle of the snowfields, you’ll appreciate the finely jagged scenery of the peaks: the Col des Saluces and the Col du Vallon. At the start of the piste des heureux, you’ve arrived. It’s time to savor a tidal wave of pure air as you glide down the blue piste.

La Trace de PeynierDIFFICULT LEVEL (max slope 25°)

Distance: 4 km and 351 m ascent – Average time: 3h

Altitudes: start 1899m – finish 2250m

Your outing starts behind the Lauzet residence in the direction of the Fontbonne chairlift. You take the ascent to the Napoléon refuge and then begin the ascent to Peynier in wild surroundings. After contemplating the view from the summit, you can enjoy the descent on the blue pistes of Les mélèzes and Serre Meyrand during ski area opening hours from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.


Ski touring


Live the Ski de Rando experience

SKI DE RANDO ❄️ Découvrez nos itinéraires permanents
SKI DE RANDO ❄️ Découvrez nos itinéraires permanents
SKI DE RANDO ❄️ Découvrez nos itinéraires permanents

Your questions

  • How to equip for ski touring?

    Good skis and suitable bindings

    Good ski touring boots with “on” and “off” positions.

    Some seal skins

    Stickspreferably adjustable to adapt size for ascent and descent.

    Safety equipment and a good helmet

  • What clothes should I choose before I leave?

    If you don’t want to feel cold, it’s essential to opt for good clothing. Thethree-layer technique also known as the “onion technique” is the right method to adopt for good effort management.

    • The first so-called “breathable”layer doesn’t absorb moisture: a merino wool or polyester T-shirt.
    • The second “thermal” layer keeps you warm and wicks away perspiration: a fleece, or even a wool sweater.
    • The third “waterproof” layer will protect you from wind and rain and wick away perspiration Complement a cold-resistant down jacket.


    Special warm, waterproof ski touring pants preferably with ventilation zips on the thighs for climbing.

    Thin under-gloves preferably merino wool for comfort

    Gloves: half-gloves, half-slippers for optimum protection

    Sunglasses: category 4 for optimum UV protection

    A face mask to prevent fogging

    A choker

    A hat

    A backpack

  • What level do I need to be to take part in introductory ski touring sessions?

    To practice ski touring, a minimum ski level of class 3 (parallel skiing and speed control on red runs) with good physical condition..

  • What should I do before I leave?

    Consult the opening conditions of permanent routes and the snow bulletin

  • What safety equipment is needed for ski touring?

    You’ll need:

    • An avalanche transceiver (ATD)
    • A shovel
    • A probe


    The ATD is an indispensable piece of digital equipment for searching for one or more buried people or for being found under an avalanche. It works in both transmit and receive modes. You go skiing in transmit mode, you search for someone in receive mode. The probe locates the victim precisely and measures depth. The shovel is used to dig out the victim. It’s vital to master this equipment before venturing out onto snow-covered terrain ( BCA safety KIT)

    The Vars resort is equipped with a park in partnership with the BCA brand to train in their use.

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