Vars en Scène, Mika en concert gratuitVars en Scène, Mika en concert gratuit
©Vars en Scène, Mika en concert gratuit|Remi Morel

Esprit Concert

Music for DNA

Concerts at 1850m altitude don’t happen every day, so we’re pulling out all the stops this winter with an exceptional winter season launch you may already have heard about? No ? Let us show you…

Concert spirit

Vars has a sense of celebration

A sense of celebration

For nearly 15 years, nationally and internationally renowned artists have graced the stages of the various events organized in our resort.
Our holidaymakers have come to celebrate, dance and have fun on our snow fronts, sometimes braving Dantean conditions in good spirits with artists always on hand, despite the cold that dries out throats, detunes guitars or the snow that whips faces.

Vars en Scène, Gliss & Mix, Festi’Vars, Outdoormix Winter Festival, Urban Jib Arena and soon with the 70th challenge des moniteurs… Music has long been associated with the name of Vars whatever its style, the notes and chords, the fervor of the Varsinc public still resonate in the Varsinc natural circus…

Esprit Concert

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They’ve graced the Varsincque stage

Many of the artists who have grappled with the wintry conditions of Varsincs concerts have never given up. They never gave up on delighting the fans who came in droves to enjoy their repertoires, and all of them, in their post-concert remarks, speak of moments and memories that will remain forever engraved in their artists’ memories.

Selected songs.

Everything that is rare is precious. Thank you for this warmth. It was a memorable concert. Aime de -M-.

- M -

For this welcome, for these memories, for these magnificent mountains. Thank you so much. Full of love.

-12° under the Vars sun. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you Vars for the most frigid concert but warm in the heart, the cheese and charcuterie, the volcano. Thank you for this warmth at -12°.

It was magic because I felt North Pole but you all lovely people heated us sooooo up.

What an honor to be the 1st woman in the Vars prog! And what a great team to welcome us! Thank you

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Esprit Concert

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Speed Masters and World Championships

March 16 to 29, 2024

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