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Over 200 km/h on skis!

January 25 to 30, 2023

The Klistes have a date to conquer the world’s speed grail. The fastest skiers on the planet will have to challenge THE fastest track in the world. The juniors will open the ball on Thursday January 26 with the Junior World Championship in this category, followed by 2 stages of the S1 World Cup. A unique competition that intrigues, fascinates, attracts… and never leaves you indifferent.




World Cup 2 Final

On the final day of this competition, the world’s best skiers faced off on the mythical Chabrières piste.

We witnessed a final rich in suspense and surprises. It was the Italian skier, Simone Origone, who once again pushed his limits and won this second run with a speed of 220.102 km/hour, just 0.403 hundredths behind his rival Simon Billy who moved into second place with a speed of 219.699 km/hour. The Origone/Billy duel struck again, with only a few hundredths separating the two rivals. At the finish, the two performers gave us the shivers, the suspense was great. Bastien Montes took third place on the podium with a speed of 216.632 km/h.

On the women’s side, we bowed to Swedish champion BrittaBacklund who will have achieved a fine feat with a speed of 213.561 km/hour ahead of her greatest rival Valentina Greggio, who crossed the finish line at 209.753 km/hour. A real technical feat that will have caused a sensation in the audience. France’s Clea Martinez takes third place on the podium with a speed of 206.102 km/h.

The two leading trios will have made us dream and thrill. This second round of competition will have left its mark on this unique track. We look forward to seeing the world’s best competitors again in March at the world championships and speed masters for more thrills.




World Cup Final 1

The first round of this World Cup took place in an overexcited atmosphere and under a blazing sun. On the women’s side, Sweden’s Backlund Britta didn’t waver, winning with a speed of 206.944 km/hour, followed by Italy’s Greggio Valentina (204.208 km/hour) and France’s Martinez Clea (196.121 km/hour). On the men’s side, Italian championSimone Origone, winner of last season’s Globe de Cristal, set the fastest time in this first heat with a speed of 216.789 km/hour followed closely by Swiss Moret Jonathan (215.285 km/hour) and Varsinc Simon Billy (212.577 km/hour). The competitors once again shook the track to the cheers of the public, and put on a fine show despite a few gusts of wind. Tomorrow, Sunday, a second round is scheduled, with even more surprises in store.




This morning, the klists gathered once again to challenge the Chabrières piste and attempt the big thrill. Let’s not forget how demanding this descent is, requiring perfect technical skills to avoid being trapped. The glide, the sound of the wind in your ears, the aerodynamic position and the locking of your muscles are reflected in every movement. In the 2nd run of the race, Swiss skier Jonathan Moret was the surprise of the day, taking the lead just ahead of Simon Billy. The performer is a former alpine competitor for whom the pleasure of sliding is innate. The final result of this second day of competition creates a surprise and sets the tone for the final of this first round.



Junior World Championship

The speed skiing competition got underway under glorious sunshine and on a beautiful piste. The world’s best skiers once again turned out to challenge the world’s fastest slope. Once again, the ski lift company demonstrated its expertise in preparing the Chabrières piste for these three days of international competition.

The absence of wind and the beautiful sunshine enabled the klists to take to the piste for the first time this season. A French one-two finish at the Junior World Championship had the Marseillaise ringing out twice at the prize-giving ceremony, with a personal best for the newly crowned world champion: Pauline SABATUT with a speed of 164.759 km/hour. On the boys’ side, Frenchman Johan BELMONTE takes the medal with a speed of 165.898 km/h.

In between the world championship runs, the S1s were able to train. Reigning world champion, Varsinc Simon Billy, set the fastest time at just over 205 km/hour. The slope was a little bumpy, requiring the skiers to be extremely vigilant and technical. These first training runs enabled the skiers to position themselves athletically for the start of the season.


Practical information

Sunday, January 29World Cup - Stage 2

10am: Semi-final

Cut to 12 S1 men and 4 S1 women

11:30am: Final

3pm: Prize-giving ceremony in front of the Tourist Office

Saturday, January 28World Cup - Stage 1

10:15am: Semi-final

Cut at the end of this semi-final to 20 S1 men and 4 S1 ladies

12:00pm: Final

1:30pm: Prize-giving in the finishing racket


Friday, January 27World Cup - Stage 1

10:15am: Training Run

12:00pm: First Race Run / No Cut

1:15pm: Second Race Run

Cut at the end of this second Race Run to 30 S1 men and 5 S1 ladies

Thursday, January 26Junior World Championship

10am: Training run

11:30am: Semi-final

1pm: Final


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