Vars Park

Play therapy

4 freestyle areas allow you to challenge weightlessness and sliding on all kinds of modules specially designed by the Varspark shapers.

Vars Park

Play area

For all levels

The Varspark’s strong point?

There’s something for everyone. The Varspark makes a point of democratizing the practice of freestyle for beginners and specialists alike.

The diversity of the modules allows you to alternate between slopestyle-type tricks (a series of bumps of varying heights) and JIB-type tricks (a series of rail or box-type modules), with particular attention paid to the bordercross, a track with banked turns for even more fun and glide!

The Varspark is the perfect place for all your freestyle needs!


VARS SNOW PARK 🤘 ⛷️ Découvrez l'un des plus grands snowpark de France
VARS SNOW PARK 🤘 ⛷️ Découvrez l'un des plus grands snowpark de France
VARS SNOW PARK 🤘 ⛷️ Découvrez l'un des plus grands snowpark de France

For beginners

Here, everything has been thought out so that everyone can have fun and discover the playful areas of the ski area.

On skis or snowboard, whatever your age (from 3 years old), don’t hesitate to take on these rails, boxes or even moguls specially designed for beginners.

A permanent show

The Varspark, we practice it, we test it and we also spend a lot of time being spectators of this huge recreational and freestyle scene.

There are the tots who are learning and those who are already flying. There are the parents who admire their teenagers, and those same parents who try the freestyle adventure.

And then there are the experts who set a whole new standard on the most difficult lines, and whom you’ll find again at the major event gatherings





Length: 280m >> Approx. 12 turns

Level: Easy

Accessibility: Télémix de Chabrières

For whom? All ages, beginners

A family boardercross: snowboard enthusiasts will be able to gently acquire the sensations of sliding. The slope offers an adapted layout with small rises and bumps, ideal for beginners and families. With a low vertical drop (60m maximum), it’s the ideal place to enjoy a fun experience on snow.


Length: 900 m >> Some 30 turns

Level : Intermediate

Accessibility: Peyrol chairlift and the Vallon blue run

For whom? This boarder is designed for experienced skiers.

This course allows you to master the art of linking turns and snow modules (moguls) and taming the terrain. Ready for the challenge?

Length: 800m >> Approx. 15 banked turns + mogul-type snow modules /oups

Level: Intermediate

Accessibility: Crévoux ski lifts (direct access) or Speed Master chairlift (via upper and lower Corniche pistes).

For whom? Skiers looking for thrills, speed and adrenalin.

Located in the snowpark of the same name, this boarder is a great alternative to freestyle lines. To enhance your riding experience, take advantage of the festive and musical atmosphere at the snowpark hut.

Length: 1.5km >> Approximately 50 turns and snow modules

Level : Intermediate

Accessibility : Mayt chairlift via the gentian trail or Peyrol chairlift via the happy trail. Departure from Col des Saluces. Arrival at DVA Park

For whom?For skiers looking for a sportier itinerary, due to its length.

Located along the Heureux piste and parallel to the uphill ski touring run, this boardercross of around 200 meters in length offers an exceptional panorama open onto wide open spaces creating a unique experience for hardy skiers.

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