February puts on a show

a sense of celebration

Every Thursday evening during the February vacations is a tradition of festivities and conviviality, with the “Février fait son show” evenings!

Show &


It’s the highlight of any stay in Vars during the winter vacations. “Février fait son show” is a convivial evening featuring a musical show, fireworks and the long-awaited torchlight descent.

The mountain lights up

For one evening, torches and fireworks light up the Face de l’Eyssina and the eyes of the thousands of holidaymakers who come to enjoy this enchanted interlude during their stay. The spectacle is even more beautiful when the moonlight silhouettes the peaks in the middle of the night.

The descent

with torches

No ski vacation is complete without a torchlight descent. Year after year, it’s hard to get enough of this luminous silhouette snaking its way down the Ubac stadium.



Thursday, February 1517h45 - Vars les Claux snow front

The Magic of Mr Orange

Let yourself be carried away by Mr Orange’s dynamic and colorful show. The ESF torchlight descent and the fireworks will enhance the experience, creating unforgettable memories for all holidaymakers.

Thursday, February 226pm - Vars les Claux snow front

The Contagious Energy of JUSTYN BAND

JUSTYN BAND will liven up the evening with live music and energy. Come and dance the night away on the Vars les Claux snow front to celebrate your Vars vacation, while the torchlight descent and fireworks display promise a superb visual and sound spectacle.

Thursday, February 296:15pm - Vars les Claux snow front

Smash HITS, Back to the Hits

Starting at 6:15pm, Smash HITS invites you on a musical journey through the greatest hits. The evening is a veritable flashback to the songs that marked the 80s. And don’t forget the torchlight descent and fireworks to create unforgettable memories with family and friends.

Thursday, March 76:30 pm - Vars les Claux snow front

MADE IN FRANCE, Celebrating French Music

The evening series closes at 6.30pm with MADE IN FRANCE, a celebration of French music. Get ready to sing and dance to melodies that celebrate our country’s musical talent. A torchlight parade and fireworks display round off this final evening.

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