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Le Val d'Escreins

Petit Canada Varsinc

The Val d’Escreins is the green lung of Vars, with its wild expanses and the Rif Bel torrent, a veritable vein of nourishing water running through the forest and rising from the mineral heights that culminate at an altitude of 3385m.


at Val d'Eden

Since 1964, Le Val d’Escreins has been a protected nature area in the heart of the commune of Vars, a true haven of peace. On the program: 25km² of natural space from 1600m to 3385m altitude for the summit of Font Sancte, the highest point of the reserve and park.

The Val d’Escreins is accessible via a corniche road that runs from the north side of the Col de Vars (D902). You’ll quickly feel the change in atmosphere, the powerful charge of nature that opens up before you.

Your experience


The Val at a walk, trot or gallop

Skip along the various hikes on offer at your own pace. Go for a short, fun hike with the kids, go a little further if you’re a good walker, and do a “3000” in the direction of Pointe d’Escreins via the Col des Houerts!

Fauna and Flora Lesson

An immersion in the Val d’Escreins involves observing everything that surrounds you. Keep your eyes and ears wide open for eagles, ptarmigan, black grouse, chamois, mountain hare and the “star” of our mountains, the marmot. As for the flora, don’t forget your camera, as your shots will be enhanced by a variety of flowers and other incredible natural species: Scots pines, spruces, larches, gentians, edelweiss or even Alpine blue aster.


Put yourself on “pause”

Time for a picnic, a barbecue by the water in the many reserved areas or a nice restaurant on the terrace… and time seems to stand still. The choice is yours!

En Immersion

Un été au Val d'Escreins... - Vars
Un été au Val d'Escreins... - Vars
Un été au Val d'Escreins... - Vars

The Val d’Escreins nature reserve is accessible by car from the D902, on the haut-alpin side.

The access road is open until the end of October.

A multitude of activities can be enjoyed at Val d’Escreins. Hiking of course, but also trail running thanks to our various permanent itineraries, orienteering, or simply contemplation and rejuvenation.

The Val d’Escreins is a nature reserve.

Therefore, certain rules must be respected:

-Keep your dogs on a leash

-Don’t litter in the wild

-Bivouacs and camping prohibited

-Do not make fires outside the designated areas (barbecue area)

-Gathering prohibited: protected species

-Do not make unnecessary noise: wild animals and herds need peace and quiet


A free shuttle serves the Val d’Escreins nature reserve

A breath

of nature

That’s how we like to call the Val. A land in the middle that can be discovered like a parallel world. Nestled between the Vars and Queyras valleys, it forms the link between the two thanks to its jagged, aerial peaks, a veritable work of goldsmithery by Mother Nature. The impression of wild immensity with its forests, torrents and altitude, as well as the flora and fauna that inhabit the valley, have earned it the nickname of Petit Canada Varsinc. A nature reserve, protected from all human impact, this postcard will remain so, unchanged in its natural purity and allowing every visitor to come here to draw resourcing, meditative inspiration through contemplation or nature sports.


A day in Escreins

Start your day with a hike in the Val d’Escreins. Discover the beauty of this unspoilt valley as you pass through larch forests and verdant mountain pastures. You may also spot wild animals such as chamois and marmots. For your lunch break, find a peaceful spot for a picnic in the heart of nature. Take the opportunity to relax and sunbathe while admiring the surrounding peaks. And for those who want to make the pleasure of a visit to Val d’Escreins last longer, join the refuge, which offers overnight accommodation in rooms and dormitories, as well as the more unusual tepees for hikers and budding adventurers. A guaranteed change of scenery for all those who try it, with the one and only risk of becoming addicted to this bath of nature and gourmandise.

Always more

At the summits

Take a look at some of our most beautiful hikes!

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