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Vars Saint Marcellin

Our heritage

Saint Marcellin is the first Vars to be discovered on the north side of the pass road. A crossing through the heart of the village reveals the facades of wooden chalets and old houses on either side. It’s worth taking the time to stop and discover the richness of the village’s heritage, and to go beyond the crossing street to familiarize yourself with the oldest of our villages.

Vars Saint Marcellin

Front door

Stillness and contemplation, this original, centuries-old village offers a calm, soothing vacation spot. Closest to the forest and the Chagne torrent that runs through it, Vars Saint-Marcellin is the perfect place to disconnect from everyday life, while still being within easy reach of the resort’s living spaces thanks to shuttle buses that keep you connected.
The more curious will discover the sculptures created by a local artist who has literally populated the hamlet with his imaginary characters who are now part of everyday life. An opportunity to meet the locals and soak up the conviviality of the place.


Vars Saint Marcellin, the gateway to Vars at an altitude of 1,600 m, is the oldest village and the commune’s memory, starting with its church. As it stands today, it dates back to the 18th century, although some highly interesting architectural features date back to earlier periods (the portal surmounted by a central arch and the two lions adorning the entrance, carved in pink marble from the Guillestre quarry by Lombard sculptors, and the 13th-century choir capitals) and the paintings, whose renovation will reveal their beauty in the light of day. In the past, the Church of Notre Dame has endured the ravages of time and history, including the sacking by the Duke of Savoy’s armies in 1692 during their intrusion into the Hautes Alpes via the Col de Vars.


To enjoy beautiful views of the village of Saint Marcellin, simply head up the Chagne towards the “Forest”:

A road allows you to gain height and complete a pretty tour between the villages of Vars Sainte Marie and Vars Saint Marcellin linked by the torrent.

Practical Information

Free shuttles

A free shuttle service is provided by the commune of Vars to enable you to get around in and between the villages. As the ski area is not directly accessible from Vars Saint Marcellin, this regular shuttle service gives you easy access to the slopes without taking your vehicle.

Always more

Heritage festivals

Vars is also home to heritage festivals that let you discover our villages from another angle!

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