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Vars Bike Park

Ride & fun

For summer 2024, the Vars Bike Park is going all out! Over 200 kilometers of itineraries and trails of all kinds. A wide range of new features, with a special focus on electric bikes and beginners!



The playground for mountain bikers has doubled in size, with over 200km of itineraries and trails of all kinds. What’s new?

The enduro side is expanded with 2 new red trails:

“Red Rabbit”: 1.4km and 200m vertical drop

Elixir”: +2km of fun from the summit of Mayt to the current start at Lac de Peyrol.

The DH (Downhill) clan welcomes a new green trail

Golden Green”: 1.6km and 224m vertical drop


Discover the Rainbow Linethe new downhill mountain bike track in Vars
Découvrez Rainbow Line, la nouvelle piste de VTT downhill à Vars
Découvrez Rainbow Line, la nouvelle piste de VTT downhill à Vars
Découvrez Rainbow Line, la nouvelle piste de VTT downhill à Vars


VTTAE and XC go wild!

No less than 55km of new trails will be created. Designed for VTTAE, cross-country enthusiasts will also find an exhilarating playground for discovering Vars, its mountain pass, its villages and the most beautiful trails in the area. Magnificent landscapes, gentle or challenging itineraries, it’s your choice… or not, you can take it all!


Green trail – 7km – 250m D+ :

You’ll discover the farmer’s path: large meadows beneath the Vars ridges, with the beautiful Eyssina and the Ecrins in the background. A dream setting before entering the Pinée wood, between pines and larches, to reach your starting point at Vars Sainte Catherine.


Blue trail – 10 km – 481m D+ :

From the Télémix summit, you’ll set off to conquer the Col de Vars through forests and alpine meadows before reaching the heart of Vars les Claux via the Napoléon refuge and the Fontbonne sector.

(closed, work in progress on Fontbonne)


Piste Bleue – 18km – 720m D+ :

A grand tour for this beautiful hike towards the Refuge Napoléon, then the summit of Peynier with a 360° view of the surrounding mountains, before descending the mystical Bois de Laver to the Pont de la Salce in Vars Sainte Catherine. You will then reach the villages of Saint Marcellin and Sainte Marie along the Chagne torrent before returning to Vars les Claux, your starting point.


Red trail – 10.5km – 470m D+ :

This loop from Les Claux takes you to explore the Bois Noir via the Refuge Napoléon. More steep sections, both up and down, for this sporty and challenging trail that takes you back to Vars les Claux along the Chagne torrent.


Black trail – 10km – 481m D+ :

This wild trail offers a balcony overlooking the villages and the Vars valley, between meadows and woods beneath the Vars crests. Discover the Pinée wood with its Grepoun rock and hut, a real nature bath on the heights of Fortune, the name given to the village of Vars Sainte Catherine thanks to an exhibition that made it the town’s granary.


Black trail – 41km – 1400m D+ :

This last trail is for the experienced, the fanatics, the gourmands! It completes the new VTTAE and Cross-country itineraries.




Green trail – 4km and 370m D-


Red trail – 2.95km – 320m D- and 60m D+.


Red trail – 3.27km – 496m D- and 11m D+.


Red trail – 3.9km – 550m D- and 15m D+.


Red trail – 4.7km – 850m D- and 20m D+.


Black trail – 2km – 390m D-

Always more


MTB Team Up

Join us at the Vars Bike Park on July 06 and 07 for the MTB Team Up enduro and rando! Find out more