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Running in the mountains is a great way to get away from the monotony of urban routes and breathe fresh air while discovering dreamy landscapes and enjoying the peace and quiet of nature. Giving meaning to effort is what mountain trail running is all about.

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That’s the promise of this outdoor activity, which lets you discover a mountain environment by running on trails adapted to all levels. When you’re just starting out, don’t think too big, choose green trails and go at your own pace, alternating running and active walking.

Most experienced mountain trailers use this principle to manage their effort. Away from traffic and exhaust fumes, running in the great outdoors gives you a very different feeling from running on asphalt. With softer terrain, your joints are put to less of a test on trails deep in the forest or at altitude.

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Les défis du Vars Mountain Trail
Les défis du Vars Mountain Trail
Les défis du Vars Mountain Trail

In a single trail outing, you can run from flowery meadows through beautiful larch forests to eternal snow. However, I’m particularly fond of the Crêtes trail, which allows you to enjoy views of all the surrounding massifs, right in the heart of the Southern Alps, the Alpes du Soleil.

Rémi Loubet, Vars trail ambassador

Running through the Val d’Escreins allows you to contemplate the beauty of the scenery, the lush nature and the ruins of the ancient village, which add a cultural aspect to trail running.

3 trail routes allow you to discover the valley:


– Le Val’vert :

length 3.937 km – Vertical rise + : 121m


– Le Val’bleu :

length 9.218 km – Ascent + : 319 m


– Le Val’rouge :

length 9.125 km – Ascent + : 788 m

Le Kilomètre Vertical

Length: 6km / Ascent + : 931m

Starting from the Vars Sainte Marie chairlift, this itinerary takes you through forests and alpine meadows to the majestic Razis summit offering exceptional views over the Vars valley.


Le Col de Vars

Length: 13km / Vertical rise +: 615m

Starting from Vars les Claux, this route follows the route of the Col de Vars over the surrounding peaks. To return to the resort before the end of the loop, you’ll find an escape route at km 8. The 15km loop offers a wide variety of terrain.


Le Tour des Villages

Length: 3.656km / Elevation gain: 182m

This route offers a gentle tour of the Vars villages. Beautiful buildings, sundials and fountains will be your travelling companions on this initiatory trail accessible to all.

In order to best adapt to the mountain environment, you first need to choose the right footwear for the terrain: you’ll be going uphill, downhill, on dry or wet trails, with or without pebbles, it may slip or skid… In this case, the choice of soles is very important. In Vars, you’ll find professionals who can advise you on choosing the right pair for your needs.

And then, just like hiking, you need to think about water, a small snack, for some people poles for uphill climbs, and even a survival blanket. Here, too, you’ll find professionals in Vars to guide you through the various equipment options available for running light and without constraints.

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Vars Mountain Trail

July 27 and 28, 2024

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