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The mountains in summer

Vacations at the top!

Make this summer the season of discovery and daring.

Opt for a green, mountaintop vacation to quench your thirst for experiences, fresh air, rejuvenation and originality: let the journey begin.

The higher the better

the more beautiful

This summer, treat yourself to a round-the-world trip in a single stopover: Head for Vars in the heart of the Hautes-Alpes!”

The best way to gain height remains mountain hiking. Whether you’re a novice looking for an easy family stroll or a more sporty hike, Vars offers you the chance to take in the sights on foot.



For all nature lovers, there’s nothing more exhilarating than coming face to face with the wild animals that inhabit our mountains. These chance encounters, whether as part of a themed walk or during a classic hike, remain incredible experiences.

From the whistling marmot to the bearded vulture and the majestic ibex, discover this wildlife in their natural habitat.

Smile then, you’re being spied on!

Always more

Our permanent trail courses

Come and fill up on oxygen and nature!

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