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Panoramic skiing

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Let’s take a tour of 10 breathtaking viewpoints: sector-by-sector itinerary for 360-degree skiing.

The little plus

The Caribou sled

Accessible on skis and located in the Sibières sector, the Caribou toboggan run is over a kilometer long and offers a fun break in your day’s skiing.

The little plus

The ice cave

The ice grotto will be back at the summit of the Télémix de Chabrières in 2023. Carved right out of the ice and snow, numerous treasures await you and are accessible to pedestrians.

The little plus

Speed Master chairlift

Another new feature for 2023 in the ski area, the Speed Master chairlift, following on from the Chabrières Telemix, will enable you to reach the top of the Forêt Blanche ski area in 15 minutes, compared with over 45 previously. After an off-season, your skiing time in 2023 will be increased tenfold thanks to this new device.

The little plus

The Photocall

A photo frame is available at the Col de Crévoux to immortalize your visit to one of the most Instagrammable spots in the Forêt Blanche ski area!

The little plus

KL stadium

Have you always dreamed of imitating the world’s fastest skiers? Well, you’ve come to the right place: the permanent speed skiing stadium!

The little plus

1000 meters of D-

Eager to warm up your thighs? This is the place. 1000 meters of non-stop negative vertical drop between La Mayt and the Village of Vars Sainte-Marie on the Olympique red run for experienced skiers!

The little plus

Boarder des Heureux

Snow conditions permitting, more adventurous skiers can challenge themselves on the boarder cross des Heureux. A real fun snow course, it winds through the small valleys to the right of the piste des heureux.

The little plus

The Bois Noir TSD

A new feature for 2020-2021 that has become a new feature for 2021-2022 due to the COVID-related off-season, the Bois Noir TSD, which replaces the two former Peynier 1 & 2 ski lifts, will provide rapid access to the Peynier sector from Vars Sainte-Marie.

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