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Tobogganing areas

Sensations guaranteed!

Tobogganing in all its forms: 3 different ways to enjoy our tobogganing areas and experience unforgettable moments!

Tobogganing in Vars

The Caribou rail sled

Sensations factory

From age 3 with a companion or from 1m45 solo, this is the resort’s flagship attraction: the Caribou rail sled.
You’ll take your place on one of the sledges, solo or in pairs, and climb some 500m through the forest to reach the start, at an altitude of over 2000m.

With an average gradient of 12% and a peak of 35%, there’s no doubt you’ll be giving it your all! With its hairpin bends, chicanes, twists and jumps, the Caribou rail sled ensures that you’ll arrive smiling from ear to ear!

The big advantage: you’re 100% in control of your speed. So you can reassure the young ones, make your favorite cousin scream, or just let go of the brakes with your best friend!

La luge du Caribou - Vars
La luge du Caribou - Vars
La luge du Caribou - Vars
Tobogganing in Vars

Fournet toboggan area

At the top of the village of Les Claux, slide freely on the area dedicated to the practice of sledding: shovels, classic sled, wooden or with metal brakes, all your bolides are out.

The area is ideal for introducing your little ones to the first sensations of sliding.

Tobogganing in Vars

Giant descent

It’s 5pm and the last skiers have taken their last run of the day. The blue run from the top of the Télémix de Chabrières is just waiting for you and your metal-braked toboggan.
Once in the bubble, you climb up to the start and create your own for maximum concentration. At the top, warm-up with the resort staff, mandatory equipment check, helmet firmly anchored on your head and hands on the metal brakes as joysticks.

3…2…1 go!”

A first section of track to pick up speed before negotiating a first full-width bend. You’ve reached cruising speed and you’re neck and neck with your friends! The pressure’s on, because you’ve bet on it that evening at the restaurant! The sensations are unique: between adrenalin, pure fun and mastery. The finish line is in your sights, and you’re not letting go! Verdict: you’re on the podium, bravo!

Making the most of sledging areas

As fun as it is, sledging is an activity that can still present risks. That’s why certain rules must be observed.

We would like to remind you that tobogganing is forbidden in the ski area during operating periods, whether it’s open or closed. Even in the evening after closing, certain activities related to slope maintenance can generate a danger.

We also advise you to be well equipped: a helmet is never too much, good winter clothing and a pair of suitable shoes will enable you to sled in the best conditions.

Practical Information

Caribou Plateau

Open from 10/12/2022 to 16/04/2023.


8€ for children under 12 / 10€ for children over 13

Caribou Plateau
Free access

Subject to snow conditions and your own responsibility.

Every Wednesday during school vacations

Mandatory helmet and metal-braked toboggan not supplied, ski and snow boots forbidden, children – 12 years accompanied by an adult compulsory (not recommended for under-5s). Open to fatbikes.

Pedestrian pass required, €10 per person.

Departure at 4:30 pm from the bottom of the Chabrières telemix.
Start of toboggan run: 5:30 pm

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