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Speed skiing world cups

A look back at the race

During the 2024 season, Vars hosted three key stages of the Ski Speed World Cup. This competition saw the triumph of the Italians, who each won the Globe de Cristal.


Crystal Globe

The Italians on the speed skiing scene

3 stages in vars, 3 victories and the crystal globe for the Italians

The 2024 Speed Ski World Cup in Vars came to a close with the Italians Simone Origone and Valentina Greggio each winning the Crystal Globe. Despite weather disruptions that turned the calendar upside down, Vars hosted the stages originally scheduled in Spain and Andorra. The competition was marked by the cancellation of the last event due to strong winds. This season confirmed the excellence of the Italian champions, particularly on the Chabrières track.

Origone and Greggio

At the top

Simone Origone: A 15th Crystal Globe at the age of 44

At the age of 44, Simone Origone celebrates his 15th Crystal Globe, confirming his legendary status with 63 victories and 117 World Cup podiums, as well as more than 6 world titles. He wins just ahead of France’s Simon Billy, the 2024 world champion and speed record holder at 255.5 km/h. New Zealand’s Twany Wagstaff rounded off the podium in third place.

Valentina Greggio wins her 6th Crystal Globe

Valentina Greggio dominated the 2024 speed skiing season, winning her 6th Crystal Globe shortly after becoming world champion in Vars. Holding the women’s world record at 247.083 km/h, she led the circuit in style. France’s Clea Martinez and Sweden’s Mathilda Persson finished second and third respectively.

France: Fastest Nation in Speed Skiing 2024

For this 2024 World Cup season, France stands out as the fastest nation in speed skiing, ahead of Italy and Sweden, the latter tied, with Spain in fourth place. This ranking takes into account the performances of racers in the men’s, women’s and junior categories, underlining the speed of French athletes.


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