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Speed Ski World Cup

Circuit 2023

This year three World Cup rounds were held in Vars. In addition to the stage held in Vars in January, 4 events originally scheduled for Sweden and Spain took place on the legendary Chabrières track.





Crystal globe for Simone Origone and Britta Backlund

Just one week after the incredible world record in ski speed won by France’s Simon Billy with a speed of 255,500 km/h, the resort of Vars hosted the final World Cup stages. Out of 4 events on the calendar, Vars hosted 3 races on the 2023 circuit with 6 rankings in total.


A 14th victory for the Italian, Simone Origone

The Italian,Simone Origone, seizes another victory and takesthe crystal globe for the 14th time in his career. The indomitable Italian is the most successful skier of all time in speed skiing. His 57th World Cup victory came in Vars. He finished with 560 points, ahead of France’s Simon Billy (480 points) and the Czech Radim Palan (283 points).





Double for Sweden’s Britta Backlund

Britta Backlund once again takes first place and wins the crystal globe with 580 points. She beats her main rival, Italy’s Valentina Greggio (500 points) and France’s Cléa Martinez (350 points).


Nations ranking

Italy takes the lead with 830 points, ahead of France with 790, followed by Sweden with 740.


A historic season, in Vars

It was a historic season for the Vars resort, which was able to host several sporting events: World Cup stages, World Championship and world record attempt.

The Chabrières piste, world temple of speed skiing, welcomed the world elite of the discipline. A new men’s world record was set on the final stage.


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