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Tour des Villages

3.6 km / 210 m D+ climb

Saturday, July 27



For a warm, family-friendly experience, choose the Tour des Villages. This edition introduces a new feature: a biathlon version of the Tour des Villages. Participants will have to successfully complete a rifle shooting session, the results of which will determine their starting position. A timed circuit that promises to delight young and old alike. For those who prefer to explore without the pressure of time, the Tour des Villages is also available in hiking mode. A fun way to enjoy the route with family and friends.



The news

Departure :

Sainte-Marie village at 4pm

Distance :

3.6 km

Elevation gain :

210 m D+



2 timed formats with rifle shooting or untimed

Maximum number of race numbers :



Minime to Master / No ranking.

Price :

4€ from Minimes – 6€ for the time trial

Number pick-up :

Saturday 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

1 Feed station :

Sainte-Marie Finish

1 race number.

1 drink ticket

1 refreshment station at the finish

Safety and rescue on the course



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