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Tour des Villages

4 km / 200 m D

Saturday, July 29


and family

It was under a radiant sun and in a happy and friendly atmosphere that many families and children were at the start of the “Tour des villages”. This non-timed, non-ranked puzzle course was an opportunity to test each participant’s curiosity and imagination.

Runners were able to discover the architectural wealth of the three surrounding villages: Sainte-Marie, Saint-Marcellin and Sainte-Catherine. Families came together to share this sporting and fun moment in the heart of the mountains without counting on the sparkling energy of the children who will have set the race course alight.



For a friendly, family-friendly experience, opt for the Tour des villages: a fun, introductory trail run with no time limit.

A treasure-hunt-style route that’s sure to leave you shivering with suspense!

As well as discovering the beautiful landscapes of the Vars villages you’ll be setting off in search of clues. The ultimate goal will be to solve the course’s secret riddle before crossing the finish line!


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