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Interpretation trails

summer 2023

Discover the “interpretation” or themed trails and immerse yourself in the natural, cultural, historical and geological environment that surrounds you.


On the move

Through our interpretive trails, you’ll be able to explore the environment that surrounds you, thanks to the presence of various panels. Reading tables along the way will reveal the secrets of the local fauna, the geological contours of the site, the history of pastoralism while enlightening you on the nuts and bolts of snowmaking.

Learning will be your true ally in better understanding your every step on this journey of discovery.

Fauna and Flora

Discover the wild life of animals and the different plant species that inhabit the Varsinc territory. You’ll learn more about their behaviors, characteristics and role in their natural habitat.


To better understand the history of pastoralism in Vars, traditional livestock practices and its impact on local culture.


From mountain formation to the territory’s geological history, you’ll be able to visualize the evolutionary processes of the Varsinc territory.

The routes

De Vars

“The more we marvel at nature, the more it offers us its wonders”.

The routes

Du Val d'Ecreins

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