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What's new in Vars

summer 2024

Vars is diversifying with a new range of fun, educational and sporting activities. Ideal for planning an unforgettable summer vacation with family, friends and loved ones. Discover a full-scale activity area!

New route


For those who want to stay in shape, even on vacation, the resort has created a new fitness trail around Lac de Chabrières, at the top of the Télémix of the same name. A dozen modules will be set up, including a jumping course, giant-step modules, a suspension ladder, high bars and pull-ups. In an idyllic setting at an altitude of 2200 m, your sports session will become a real pleasure.


Themed trails

Learn while you walk? It’s possible thanks to our two new “interpretation” trails developed last summer and accessible to all, starting from the Télémix de Chabrières.


Why choose the interpretation trail?

You’ll be able to read the landscape and understand what’s going on around you thanks to the various panels set up for this purpose.

You’ ll discover the flora and fauna, learn about the geology of the terrain you’re walking on, learn about the history of pastoralism in Vars, and find out about the creation of artificial snow. Learning will be your real ally in understanding your every step.

You’ll set off on easy walks to discover the treasures of the Varsinc territory, a veritable treasure chest of wild, unspoilt nature.

The trails can be accessed from the Chabrières Télémix, arriving at the snow front.

The trails can be accessed from the Télémix de Chabrières station and then on to the Col de Vars.

Fun challenges

Orientation course

This summer, challenge your sense of direction with 4 new orienteering courses to complement the 3 existing courses in the Val d’Escreins . Map and compass in hand, discover a discipline that’s fun, sporty and open to all. From strolls to races, young and old alike will discover the countryside in search of markers to be punched with pliers. The key to good orienteering? Observation, patience and a good dose of fun!

Put yourself in the shoes of Sherlock Holmes, analyze, observe and pinch your markers. No precipitation, so take the time to read the map carefully so you don’t lose your bearings!


Vars Bike Park

New tracks

This year, beginners and experienced mountain bikers alike can explore a vast playground offering over 200km of itineraries and trails of all kinds!

Red Rabbit” red trail (Enduro)

distance: 1.4 km – D: 200m vertical drop

The “Elixir” red trail (Enduro)

distance: +2km of fun from the summit of the Mayt to the start at Lac de Peyrol

The “Golden Green” green trail (DH)

1.6km with 224m vertical drop

6 free VTTAE charging stations

Always more


Activities at Val d’Escreins

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