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Hiking with your dog

Toutou goes hiking

Going on vacation this summer with your best companion? Here are a few tips to ensure that your hikes/rides remain an extraordinary experience and not just a bad memory.

Choose your hike

Tailored to your dog

Just like us: choose hikes that are suited to your pooch’s form and endurance!

Your companion (we’re talking about the dog!), doesn’t become a sportsman overnight… if he’s used to spending most of his time on the sofa and getting up only to eat and relieve himself, don’t take him on a 7-hour hike, train him gradually.


your dog's character

Sometimes a hunter, sometimes a runaway, sometimes not very obedient or even not very sociable, your companion’s character conditions your organization. Start with an “adaptation” walk, because of the new terrain and the festival of new smells Medor will discover, which could have consequences on his ability to obey.


What you need to know

Rules and best practices

On hiking trails, dogs must always be kept on a leash, especially when approaching areas occupied by herds and watched over by the famous patous. You are responsible for your animal and must keep it under control at all times, especially when encountering animals such as ibex, chamois, patous… and other hikers and mountain bikers.


It’s a unique sensation to go through the forest at the pace of the dogs! It’s a freedom you can’t find in any other activity, a real moment of sharing!

Alex, 37 - Marseille

his little canine backpack

As with us, don’t forget Medor’s essentials before setting off: harness and leash, water, food, small bags to pick up his “forgetfulness” and small treats and other treats to congratulate him during the walk.

In hot weather, make sure dehydration doesn’t set in. So remember to give him a drink regularly. Don’t forget to give him a collar with your phone number on it – you never know!”

So, you’re all set to take your most loyal companion on your escapades.

Patou and Toutou

Warning: when hiking, you may come across a herding dog. Far from being a companion dog, the patou is a protection dog that literally belongs to the herd. It’s therefore important to keep your dog on a leash to prevent him from running towards the herd.

If patou comes to see toutou? let him sniff your dog! If you take him in your arms, the patou may misinterpret this kind of gesture and become aggressive. If Toutou is not sociable, try putting him in the middle of your group to create a barrier between the two.

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